Tiger has ingrowing toenails trimmed (video)

Tiger has ingrowing toenails trimmed
Tiger has ingrowing toenails trimmed
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This is another Chinese video. There is a slightly lengthy introduction which is, of course, all in Chinese. However, I think the main part of the video is worth waiting for because it is interesting to see a zoo tiger with a bad case of ingrowing claws. The reason is obvious: the tiger is captive and therefore unable to use is claws in the usual way which would have warn them down and prevented them from becoming ingrowing.

Another aspect of this is that the cat may be quite old and therefore less active. It goes without saying that I personally disapprove of all zoos and I hate to see captive tigers, indeed all captive wild cat species, behind bars like this. It is very uncomfortable.

This tiger is not alone in suffering from ingrowing toenails. Elderly domestic cats can quite easily suffer from this condition. It is important that cat owners are aware of the potential and check their elderly cat’s paws regularly. Cats are silent about the discomfort they might be suffering. It’s important for cat owners to be vigilant and observant.

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