Tiger size compared to a dog

The title is a bit vague because it neither specifies the species of tiger nor the species of dog. The Bengal tiger is the most common and a decent average. It is the species that we think of when we think of tigers. I’ve compared the Bengal tiger with a medium-sized dog (Springer Spaniel) in the infographic below:

Tiger height versus medium dog
Tiger height versus medium dog. Image: MikeB
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I think that more or less sums it up. I’ll add a little more detail.

Bengal tiger – these are averages as males are bigger than females

The Bengal tiger (scientifically known as Panthera tigris tigris) is one of the largest tiger subspecies and can vary in size. Here are the average height, length, and weight ranges for adult Bengal tigers:

Height at the shoulder: Bengal tigers typically stand around 3 to 3.5 feet (90 to 105 centimeters) tall at the shoulder.

Body length: The body length of adult Bengal tigers, including the head and body, is typically between 8.5 and 10 feet (260 to 310 centimeters).

Weight: Adult male Bengal tigers usually weigh between 400 and 570 pounds (180 to 260 kilograms). Female Bengal tigers are generally smaller and weigh between 220 and 350 pounds (100 to 160 kilograms).

It’s important to note that these measurements represent averages, and individual tigers can vary in size. Additionally, large males can exceed these averages and reach even greater heights, lengths, and weights.

Springer spaniel

The height, weight, and length of a Springer Spaniel dog can vary depending on the specific type (show-line or working-line) and individual genetics. However, I can provide you with the average ranges for this breed:

Height: The height at the shoulder for a fully grown Springer Spaniel is typically around 19 to 20 inches (48 to 51 centimeters) for males and 18 to 19 inches (46 to 48 centimeters) for females.

Weight: The weight range for adult Springer Spaniels is generally between 40 and 50 pounds (18 to 23 kilograms) for males and 35 to 45 pounds (16 to 20 kilograms) for females.

Length: It is difficult to provide an exact length measurement for a Springer Spaniel as it can vary based on body proportions. However, their body length from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail can range between 19 and 21 inches (48 to 53 centimeters) on average.

Keep in mind that these figures represent average measurements and individual dogs may fall outside of these ranges. Additionally, there may be variations between different lines (show-line versus working-line) and variations within the breed.

Sources: Me, Chat GPT, Wikipedia and arc.org.

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