Tiger versus Lion

Tiger versus Lion

by Natalie

Picture added by Michael (Admin). Picture believed to be in the public domain.

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Picture added by Michael (Admin). Picture believed to be in the public domain.

Ok, well if there were to be a fight between a full grown male Siberian tiger, and a full grown male African lion, I would say the tiger would claim victory.

My reasons; firstly, it is a well known fact that tigers are the largest of all wildcats, which gives the tiger the size and weight advantage.

They are also longer in terms of body length, which also adds to their advantage.

The tiger is a more agile and has the use of better mobility than the lion. The lion is taller at the shoulder, yes, but since the tiger has stronger built hind legs, the shoulder height of the lion would not help much.

The tiger's skull, in comparison to the lion's, is shorter and broader, giving it a stronger bite force. It's paw strikes are also faster, though not as strong as the lion's.

The tiger is a solitary cat, whilst the lion depends on it's pride. Unlike the tiger, the lion does not hunt as usual as he relies on his females to hunt.

The tiger fends for itself. It hunts, defends it's own territory, fights for mating rights, and also protects it's mate and cubs if there are other intruding males around it's territory.

The lion has as much responsibility, fighting for mating rights, territory, etc. But since it does not hunt as often, this gives the tiger the upper hand.

Tigers are also known to be more muscular. The Siberian tiger may look like some blubber and furry animal, but it's only because it lives in colder climates that it has more fur, thus, sheathing it's muscularity from view.


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Tiger versus Lion

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Apr 20, 2012
Tiger will win 80-90% of the time NEW
by: Anonymous

If ferociousness and experience, both are rather subjective, are all that the lion can claim, then the argument can cut short. Advantages in size, agility, strength, bite force and quickness, give the tiger a much better chance 80% to 90% to claim victory. Lion's ferociousness and experience can be equally achieved by the tigers in the hectic jungle of Bengal & Bangladesh, as well as in Siberia

Feb 27, 2012
Not! Quite, accurate! NEW
by: Anonymous

You must be a complete fool, to think that there is even a majority for tigers, when they are solitary and prides contradicts that 100% from small prides of 2 males, 10 females to numbers as big as 28 in a single pride. In a pit fight anything is up for grabs male vs male 1 on 1 its 50/50 because they are more idenditcal in more ways that they are not an in an awesome way, nature has gave leverage to both, yet leaving them equals. Like an average 80 pounds hevier weight for the tiger and a battle protecting mane for the lion.
Its the same way to enphinsize, that a white man on average can beat up a black man or vice versa… theres no way, in telling whats the average amount would be. It only depends on individuality of the lion or tiger if its 1 on 1 but by natures standards, with out man intervention the only way cheetahs an leopards co-existed with lions an survived that long, is because they go by the golden rule, if confronted by a lion they run, A tiger is a very proud animal an although he might win a few fights hear an there, same if it was a lone lion winning against another lone lion, the tiger would get riped to shreds via pride.
Animals dont live by the rule 1 on 1 its a human concept, they go by, only the strong survive. Thats why threw evolution they grouped up to form prides in africa, because unlike the tiger’s area of habitat, they dont have 10s of thousands of herds that migrates yearly, which have high hatred for predators off springs, who kill cubs more than the other away around on migration terms. So prides were formed an has succsesfully taken down even the worlds mightiest an largest animal, the bull elphant, along with any and every other animal in africa. Threw tactical battle like king leonidus used the hot gates as leverage in there superior fighting capabilities, same as lions do with there prides.
Tigers an lions co-exist in india, but asian’s have pretty much eradictaed all asiatic lions, to near extinctions threw poachings and a few religous reasons as well, giving the tiger a better success rate in survival amoungs lions.

1.Gieniuss books/Animal facts, Lion named Nero killed Tim the tiger in an australian zoo.(Documantry)
2.1936 Agartala zoo in bengal, a lion kills a tiger.(Local news report)
3.1935 Sikestonians saw a lion kill a tiger in a local town circus act.(Documentry)
4.1934 2 tigers died, In the movie devil tiger from a lion-(Video)
5.1955 oct, 6 Natrual history society, Page 465-468, 3 seperate accounts lion won all 3.(Documentry)
6.1981 Martin. L Albert witnessed a lion kill a tiger.(Documentry)
7.1954 Lion kills tiger with one blow in boltimore zoo.(Documantry)
8.1935 In the town Bedford masachusetts a Zoo lost a tiger to a lion.(Local news)
9.Gir foreset 3 tigers vs 3 lions, all lions won. (Video) -Youtube-
10.2011 Korea two teen lions killed a adult Bengal tiger in an encloser.(Video)- Youtube-

Jan 26, 2012
Good NEW
by: Michael

Thanks Natalie for visiting and posting. Good article. Very sensible and well thought out.

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