Tiger vs Lion fight – who is the winner?

Tiger vs Lion fight – who is the winner?


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Answer of scientist: the male Tiger vs male Lion - 90% chance the tiger is winner because the tiger is bigger and stronger than lion.

The weight of the male Lion is 550 lbs; the weight of male Tiger 660 lb but the lion is taller than tiger but the tiger is bigger solidly.



Tiger vs Lion fight - who is the winner? to Lion vs Tiger

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Tiger vs Lion fight - who is the winner?

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Mar 17, 2012
Not quite true! NEW
by: Prime

Here's a some Animal Experts that say that lions usally always win against the tiger.

The Memoirs of Cleopatra
“They took on tigers, bears, bulls, and wild boars. Usually the lion won. page 284” (BOOK)
1.Animal Expert Dave hoover said lions majoritly always win against tigers.
2.Indian zooligist an big cat Expert Jan sahib says lions always win.
3. Animal Trainer and Expert Louis roth favors the lion over the tiger in a fight.
4. Animal Expert Alfred court favors the lion over the tiger in a fight.
5.Animal expert John helliot favor’s the lion over the tiger in a fight.
6.Animal Expert Dave salmoni says h’ed give the edge to a lion in a fight with a tiger.
7.Animal Expert and God father predator tamer Clyde beatty says lions will win more fights with tiger’s.
8.Animal Expert an tamer Oliver goldsmith ranked the lion over the tiger.
9.Animal Expert an Tamer Courtney cooper said lions usally win more in tiger fight’s.
10.Animal Expert Geroge buffon picked lions over tigers in a fight.
And here's some real documented accounts, of lions killing tigers 1 on 1.
1.Gieniuss books/Animal facts, Lion named Nero killed Tim the tiger in an australian zoo.(Documantry)
2.1936 Agartala zoo in bengal, a lion kills a tiger.(Local news report)
3.1935 Sikestonians saw a lion kill a tiger in a local town circus act.(Documentry)
4.1934 2 tigers died, In the movie devil tiger from a lion-(Video)
5.1955 oct, 6 Natrual history society, Page 465-468, 3 seperate accounts lion won all 3.(Documentry)
6.1960 Korea pitfights Male lions won majority of all fights.( Hidden news Report)
7.1981 Martin. L Albert witnessed a lion kill a tiger.(Documentry)
8.1954 Lion kills tiger with one blow in boltimore zoo.(Documantry)
9.1935 In the town Bedford masachusetts a Zoo lost a tiger to a lion.(Local news)
10.Gir foreset 3 tigers vs 3 lions, all lions won. (Video) -Youtube-
11.2011 Korea two teen lions killed a adult Bengal tiger in an encloser.(Video)- Youtube-

Aug 15, 2010
by: Michael

Hi SYEDTABISHALI, thanks for sharing your thoughts and agreeing with me! A few visitors don't agree.

It is nice to hear from Pakistan.

Michael Avatar

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