Tiger Wallpaper

Here’s my tiger wallpaper. For people who are unsure what “wallpaper” means in this context; it means the image on the desktop (the first thing you see with icons usually). The default image (a Microsoft or Apple one) can be changed at will.

I have made a smallish selection but I hope that you will find the images of high quality and suitable (space on the left that is blurred or blank for left hand icons). Below you will see 6 sets of two images. The first image in each set is a thumbnail of a much larger image. The larger images are of varying sizes depending which tiger image you select. This is alright as the computer will automatically resize to fit the desktop format. You may get some slight compression horizontally to ensure that the fit is accurate but I have tried to make the images suitable for most size screens.

The second image (of each pair of images) is a screen shot of how the tiger wallpaper might look on your computer desktop. It is actually a screenshot of my computer desktop.

All the images are from Flickr and they are fully licensed for use as desktop wallpaper under the appropriate license (Attribution 2.0 Generic) provided the attribution (the photographer’s Flickr name) is left on the image. I have placed this in a discrete position. It is important that the photographer is recognised and it does no harm to the image.

For people who are unsure how to create tiger wallpaper using these images here are the instructions (for Windows):

  • Click on the smaller of the pair of images (the one without icons on it)
  • You are taken a large image (it is important to use this large image for quality purposes). Right click on this image and select, “Set As Desktop Background… as shown in the screenshot below:


  • You then have a choice of “Tile” “Stretch” or “Center”. Select “Stretch” then click on “Select Desktop Background”.
  • Your desktop will be changed.
  • You can change back to Windows wallpapers by selecting Control Panel and going to Appearance and Personalisation and Change Desktop Background.

Here is the first of 5 tiger wallpaper images:

amur tiger wallpaper 1

Photo by Todd Ryburn – this is how it looks when installed as a desktop image:

amur tiger wallpaper 2

tiger wallpaper image

I must confess to having lost the credit for this image. The image seems to have been moved or removed. Sorry. Could the author please come forward (my details are here) – this is how it looks when installed as a desktop image:


I have given what I believe is adequate space through a plain background in each case on the left hand side of the desktop for icons. If you have too many icons to go in this space you have too many icons on your desktop! You can create a folder and put some in that (and still leave them on the desktop).

tiger wallpaper a tiger swimming under water

Image by david.nikonvscanon – – this is how it looks when installed as a desktop image:


tiger wallpaper a white tiger in water in black and white

Photo by -: pranav :- – – this is how it looks when installed as a desktop image:


white tiger wallpaper 1

Photo by eye of einstein – – this is how it looks when installed as a desktop image:

white tiger wallpaper 2

tiger in water tiger wallpaper

Photo by dmitri_krendelev – – this is how it looks when installed as a desktop image:

tiger in water tiger wallpaper 1

Well that is my attempt at providing some nice tiger desktop images. I hope you like them.

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