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Mar 13, 2012Tiger woods admirable-let him stay in peace please NEW
by: anne

Leave Tiger alone! He s among the worlds greatest athletes! He rocks! So what about his houses he can buy as many as he wants.He works for it, does not come easy As for the golddigger she is a model pronto

Love you Tiger you are mentally and physically strong and spiritual thats what you need to keep you going on this crazey earth!!!
lv ya!

Jun 28, 2011YOU GOT THIS !!
by: morgan

Dear, Tiger Woods you can do this you can dream and if you want it you can do it!! If you think you can do it put your mine to it:) = NEVER GIVE UP! I know what u have bean threw:( , and that was a bad choice you mad from my opinion :/ But you still ROCK, You still got what a grown man needs confidence 🙂 I might be a 11 year old girl, but when i want to say something i will!!

love you tiger >3 MORGAN

Jun 28, 2011DO YOU?
by: morgan

do u know candy that livie’s in isle worth well if u do thats my {aunt} kinda because mrs.shelly is my god mom 🙂 and zachary is my brother well anyy good luck u need it!

Apr 21, 2011play through ?
by: frank

did anyone see a titleist?

Apr 09, 2011To who ever wrote that the author of this article has no life and is in no position to judge
by: Anonymous

He wasn’t judging anyone he was just talking about tigers house and to me it shows that Tiger is serious about changing. The fact that he is so secluded and never has to leave his house if necessary and tell me he is truly focus and wants to be on top(seriously no pun intended).

Mar 10, 2011Response to last comment
by: Michael

Hi thanks for the comment. I don’t understand it though. I don’t feel that I am being blunt or overly critical.

I simply describe what is going on.

I am perfectly aware of my failings and shortcomings but I am not in the spotlight. I am not a public figure.

I am perfectly relaxed about being criticised if the criticism is accurate.


Mar 07, 2011For michael
by: Anonymous

As i sat and read you quotes seem like you have no life and no money to sit back and try and judge over and over again.maybe you are the one perfect person in this world knowing no one is. look in the mirror before you sit down at your computer dumb****** alot of people love to judge but don,t want to get their lives under the microscope pretty sure if we put your life in front of the world you would not be so blunt.

Feb 14, 2011MINORITY
by: Anonymous


Dec 16, 2010pga tour 2001
by: dave in ct

hey tiger i wish the best for you in coming year(2001).I know you have gone through a lot and how everyone went against you but you know what you have proven through years that when everything went wrong you came back strong and went on to win many golf tourments and then some.I admire you and your golf game you are the best and you will regain your number one status.I love the fact that you put your kids in front of everything else unlike your money hungry ex-wife that i do not believe any thing she says,i hope you will move on with your life and become everything that you say you wanna be,a better person,a grate father and hopefully some day soon a great husband to some who cares about you not the money or fame.

Dec 10, 2010GREAT
by: Anonymous


Dec 05, 2010Just noticed
by: Michael

You can see that the “house” is in fact two houses! They appear to be quite separate.

Is it possible that Tiger changed the building half way through to make one into two houses to allow his ex-wife to occupy one when she comes to visit with the children? Or is it a “visitor’s house” for his mum and other family members?

That is a bit of mad and wild speculation by me.

Michael Avatar


Dec 03, 2010Alone
by: Michael

What, now, is the point of a house this large when you have only yourself to occupy it? Lonely or what? The reason for having it built must have been for the family. He no longer has a resident family.

I can’t see Tiger occupying his new house. He has used it to raise money, no more. It is now a commercial proposition, an investment, that I would expect him to sell in due course, perhaps in 2016 when he intends to redeem the mortgage. Selling the house would redeem the mortgage.

He is better off in an apartment. As I said, this house was meant to be a home for his family. A little Utopia amongst the grind of commercial golf [However, apparently his ex-wife is planning to live nearby – not sure if that is correct]. His one important family duty is to maintain contact with his children.

He now has poor golf and no useful home. What a screw up. There is always a price.

Michael Avatar


Dec 03, 2010Tiger Woods House nearly completed or completed
by: Michael

As at 6th Sept. 2010 Tiger Wood’s new house was nearly completed. It is now 3rd December 2010 so I guess it is more nearly completed or completed! Here is the new house with the large windows as mentioned in the article. He apparently paid $40 million in January, 2006 for the house and land and then demolished the 13 year old house that was on the site. At that time he was dominant in world golf – things have dramatically changed since the catastrophic events that we all know about and the subsequent divorce. Cash is not so easy to come by for the Tiger.

It occupies 10 acres and is mortgaged to $54.5 million (paying it back in full by 2016 – planned). Is this a 100% mortgage and if so why!? He has the cash or has he? He must have funded the building of the house from his own cash.

After his recent divorce he seems to have decided to mortgage the property to raise cash. He must be short of cash after giving about $100 million to his ex-wife in the divorce settlement.

Tiger Woods has the assets but not the cash.

Ten acres is large but he could drive the ball out of the golf course that he built on his estate. It must be a miniature golf course for practice.

Michael Avatar


Nov 17, 2010here they come
by: Anonymous

U GO BOY DO UR thang the white girl will still come if kim could come, u know the one with the reality show. they need to put a a leash on that girl.

Nov 13, 2010Tiger Woods Race
by: Anonymous

Tiger Woods is 25% Chinese, 25% Thai, 25% African American, 12.5% Native American, and 12.5% Dutch

Tiger Woods dad was 100% African American. I do not know all of what his mother is but, nothing more that Thai and or, Chinese and some native American (not sure of that either), anyway, you need to check your facts again.

Sep 12, 2010Re. Cleaner comment
by: Anonymous

Hey Cleaners —

I’m a white man and I don’t hate Tiger for having married a white girl. I don’t hate his white ex-wife for marrying a partly black man. I don’t know anyone that does either. And I think I’m pretty typical of many here in the O.C. area of So. Cal where Tiger grew up — and there is a whole lot of white folk out here in the O.C.

What many are disappointed with, is seeing a guy who had it all, throw it away, because he wanted to sleep with a bunch of other women. As a black man, do you think this is okay — or should be accepted ?!! Apparently, a lot of black men think it’s no big thing to father a child out of wedlock as something like 70% do just that. This is something that is not good for that family or anybody else in society.

As for O.J. — he killed his wife plane and simple.

By the way, I get just as ticked off at whites when they do idiotic things — so Cleaner — get a grip. I would hope that blacks get just as ticked off when blacks commit crime.

Have your compassion — but don’t accept or learn to live with crime and immorality.

As for the President — he never would have been voted into office if it wasn’t for a whole lot of white folk voting for him — so enough with the racism.

The reason people aren’t happy with the president now — is because he is clueless as to how to get the economy going. And stimulus after stimulus is going to drive the country broke.

Be a good Christian — but don’t accept the immorality of what Tiger did. He had it all and threw it away. Dumb thing to do.

May 13, 2010the real truth about TIGER WOOD
by: Cleaners

let the real truth come out about why most of so called white america hates tiger woods, if tiger would have been married to halle berry he would’nt have to go through all this crap that so called people care about,be for real people the only reason that oj simpson was hated was because he married a white woman.shame on you because when a white woman marries a black man they are hated by their own, even disowned by their family.the only race in america is the human race, god doesn’t see color but we do because of what we were taught, thats right racism is taught and the sad thing about it is that it is taught from the bible,how hyprecritical is that,the only reason most whites hate obama is because he is black and you never wanted to see the day when a black man would hold the highest position in america because we’re not smart enough by their standards. racism is a disease that is killing america not only by whites hating blacks but blacks hating whites also. I’m a black man and i see where the devil has divided what god meant to be good, as black americans whites are afraid of us because we have so much unforgiveness in us and we can be very hyprocritical like black history month,we honor blacks for what they have accomplished in america like jackie robinson but black history doesn’t acknowledge branch rickey the white general manager for the brooklyn dodgers at that time is?nt that how we felt when we felt left out of history in america by them stop and think about that for a minute. i will do my part by god to be the best human being in this world not because i am black but because we are all god’s children when we accept his son jesus christ as our lord and savior.if you are a christian do your part to each culture that you represent to see through the eyes of god not man but the heart and character and love and peace and compassion that we should display as a believer then maybe we can win over people like tiger woods and others who don?t know jesus.

by: Anonymous

The media needs to let Tiger’s personal life alone. This is strictly between him and his wife.
We have no business, and I do not care to know about his personal life. Obviously he has made some huge mistakes but he is the only person who can correct those. He is a magnificent golfer and will go down in history as such. Just leave him alone, though I know you will not do that because you feed on destroying people’s lives in order to get headlines. Being famous has its’ downfalls, obviously.

Mar 21, 2010so much BS on here
by: daninboca

Tiger’s injury was a slightly cut lip from apparently hitting the steering wheel when he hit the fire plug. This was from the police officer who was there.

All that stuff about Elin leaving is bunco too.

Mar 15, 2010Update
by: Michael

Well Tiger seems to be back in the news in respect of the now famous Tiger Woods house….he has moved back in and his wife is with him!

He moved in about the beginning of last week (today is 15th March 2010 GMT) it is said. She has approved his apology. She has put divorce on hold. She is happy or happier, no doubt pleased to get back to normal (of sorts).

Tiger is practicing his golf hard to regain some form for when he starts competing, which might and probably will be the Masters at Augusta, Georgia.

OK good news really. We want Tiger back. But we also want him to stop scr*w*ng around (allegedly) for the sake of his children and the sake of all his fans and I am thinking of the young ones who worship him.

Come on Tiger! Please be what you set out to be. Not perfect, no. Just good, damn good and a role model.

Michael Avatar


Feb 03, 2010live almost to tiger
by: Anonymous

I went to florida for almost 6 years now and for the past 3 years ive been living in this beach house and like literray i stay near where tiger woods stay when hes on the off months and i got to tell you his looks good in the inside too

Dec 30, 2009Update 30-12-09
by: Michael

The reason, it is alleged, that Tiger ran out of his house, barefoot, on the fateful night that he crashed his car, was because his wife was chasing him with a 9 iron (was it his 9 iron and did she bend it!!).

She had allegedly already bashed him in the face with it having discovered one undeleted text message from Rachel Uchitel on his mobile.

At the time Tiger was calmly watching TV having denied any wrong doing.

Tiger hasn’t been seen since because of his bashed face, suffering two broken or damaged teeth and a gash on his face required surgery.

The evidence will be with him all his life! Unless he pays a plastic surgeon a lot to get rid of it (I allege – this is my opinion only).

The Tiger Woods house will have tourists coming by in about 12 months, long after Tiger has sold and moved on!

The new owners will have to deal with that. Maybe they will offer tours of the living room where the blow was delivered. The exact spot on the couch. Maybe actors will re-enact it for the tourists’ camera phones!!?

Dec 22, 2009Update
by: Michael

Tiger has been living a big time double life:

He is a big time gambler (at Las Vegas) going on $1m gambling binges with other high rolling athletes and his girls and..

..he smokes (cigarettes) and his wife appeared to not know!

Weird. It just is not possible to be like the Tiger Woods that we thought existed. It is all fake.


Dec 22, 2009Press report 22 Dec. 2009
by: Michael

I read in the press recently that Tiger Woods also bought the plot over the road (as mentioned below) and this map is my guess as to where that plot is:

Tiger Woods House the entire plot of land including a piece over the road

This house is still being constructed (22nd December 2009). I don’t know what he planned to use the other side of the road for except the obvious: it is the Atlantic Ocean so the water and waves will be different.

Dec 19, 2009No number
by: Michael

Response to last comment:

There isn’t (as far as I know) a street number but it is recognisable and it should be fairly easy to find as there is one road running down Jupiter Island at that point at least and Tiger Woods House should be a large building site that spans the entire width of the island as it also extends to the other side of the island apparently.

If you look at the picture with the circle on it there is a smallish house over the road (South Beach Road) and Tiger has I believe also bought that so the estate covers the entire width of the narrow island at that point.

I’d just drive down the island and look for a large building site behind hoardings!

Also at the point where the Tiger Woods House is situated you can see that South Beach Road is near the pacific ocean side of the island. This road varies in its position along the island.

If you look at Google maps (zoom in on the embedded map on this page), you will see that the road is only in this position for a relatively small stretch of the island.

That will be where the house is on my reckoning.

Dec 18, 2009elin
by: Anonymous

what is the other house address in the jupiter beach would u let me know my email i s ducharlie@ymail.com respond

Dec 16, 2009Update 16th December 2009
by: Anonymous

It is said in the press today that Elin Woods is packing her bags and taking her children and some paintings (no doubt very valuable) and leaving Tiger Woods House or the matrimonial home to go back to Sweden and live in her new home there…and be the face of a Puma line of clothing or some such thing.

Now if that is true I cannot see Tiger wanting to move into an enormous mansion with umpteen bedrooms and vast gardens on Jupiter Island all alone! What is the point?

Will that mean that Tiger finds someone else to share the house with him (one of his “girlfriends”) or just sell it when it is completed. A massive dilemma. This was meant to be a family house, surely?

It is all crashing down and so it should. He has consistently said that his family came first and that it came before golf while, at the same time was chasing bits of fluff on the side before, during and after (?) the alleged split. Hell, he is bad. He deserves all the punishment he can take.

Elin is also seeing a high profile divorce lawyer and seeking a max of half of $550m…’til the next time.

All fiction or fact? Not sure.

Dec 15, 2009Tiger Woods Houses
by: Michael

Tiger has to maintain lots of houses. 2 in Windermere, Isleworth and the mega house on Jupiter island that is being built under strict secrecy to name three. There are others. His wife has just bought one with her sister near Stockholm (see below).

Tiger is losing his sponsors. Tiger is not playing golf and Tiger has a foundation to fund and run too. And he has a huge boat and crew to upkeep. Big overheads.

Although he is reportedly worth about $1 billion might he suffer some cash flow problems and if that is the case will he move into his big new Jupiter Island house particularly if he is separated from his wife or even divorced?

Just speculating.

Dec 13, 2009Swedish home of Elin Woods on Fåglarö, close to Stockholm
by: Michael

The Sunday Time of 13-12-09 revels that the home purchased by Elin, Tiger’s wife is on the island of Fåglarö, close to Stockholm (about 20 miles away). It cost (or is worth) about $2.2 (£1.35m) and is accessible by boat only.

Fåglarö, close to Stockholm
photo by Magnus Nordström



Dec 12, 2009Update 13th Dec 2009
by: Michael

As mentioned his wife Elin has bought a 6 bedroomed house on an small island off Stockholm. Woods intends to go sailing in his yacht. He intends to take an indefinite leave. Might he just be about to sail to Stockholm and live there in this new house for a while? Pure speculation. But this could be a another “Tiger Woods House”.

The area around Stockholm is a mass of islands:

View Larger Map

Dec 12, 2009Update 12th December 2009
by: Michael

12th December 2009: This is an update on the construction of Tiger Woods House on Jupiter Island, Florida, USA:

– Will Tiger move in after the crisis of his own making regarding his marriage. What if he can’t keep the marriage together?

— the grand house will dwarf others on Jupiter Island.

— builders constructing the house must hand over mobile phones

— everyone involved in the construction must sign a confidentiality agreement.

— the “neighbours” of TW will be Gary Player and singer Celine Dion

— Tiger Woods new house will be in white brick and blue glass.

— there are 5 bedrooms, spa, separate two-floor gym, pool complex and a covered glass walkway.

Dec 12, 2009Vacating his house!
by: Anonymous

12th Dec 2009: Tiger is vacating the Tiger Woods House that he is currently living in at the Isleworth Community, Orlando and stocking up his yacht that is parked (moored!) not that far away in Florida and is preparing a voyage with his wife (and children I presume) to the Caribbean to try and patch up his marriage.

How long will he be gone from his home and from the golf circuit?

Tiger has taken out an injunction in the UK High Court to protect his privacy. Not sure what information is actually relates to though.

Dec 05, 2009Tiger Woods House Where He Grew Up?
by: Michael

This is a picture by a Flickr photographer of what is supposed to be Tiger Woods house where he grew up or it is close to this house. I have no idea where this is!

Tiger Woods House where he grew up
Photo by lizdance14 (Flickr)

Dec 05, 2009Hi
by: Michael

Tiger Woods actually hit more that a hydrant and a tree. He grazed some bushes and hedges before hitting the hydrant and crashing into the tree.

The contact with the tree was with the RHS front of the vehicle. The left front bumper has blue paint on it indicating that he hit the hydrant on that side and then swerved right to hit the tree with the front right. He must have been going at something close to 30 mph because of the extensive damage to the RHS of the front of the car.

Here is a picture of the hydrant and drive and tree (note: the is an AP picture. I plead fair use. If a complaint is made I will remove it immediately. Just leave a comment):

tiger woods car crash site
Dec 04, 2009landscape plan
by: Anonymous

I would like to know where the fire hydrant is located.

Nov 27, 2009Still in Isleworth Nov 2009
by: Michael

It seems that Tiger Woods is still in his Isleworth community home in Florida as at 27th November 2009 because he had an accident in the early hours of the morning when he pulled out of his driveway and hit a fire hydrant and then his neighbour’s tree!

Was he drunk? I am sure he wasn’t. I don’t think he was injured as it was a low speed accident (update: he suffered minor facial injuries). He was driving his Cadillac Escalade. Apparently charges are pending it is said – false? No idea.

Does this mean the other house – the so called Tiger Wood’s House described in the article above – is still being built. Has the other house been knocked down yet? Lots of Qs.

It has been suggested (alleged) in some parts of the press that Tiger Woods has problems at home (i.e. matrimonial problems) as he has become cranky on the golf course and this is being noticed. I am sure that he will manage it OK if it is true. Tiger has a lot of pressure and deals with it so effortlessly that people forget that he is human (he plays golf like a superhuman too).

The above incident happened after a Thanksgiving meal at about 2 in the morning. The police say he was not drunk. But he may be charged with driving misdemeanors.

Nov 19, 2009Response to last comment
by: Michael

Hi, Yes, I would like to know the architect too. It is impossible to find the answer to that it seems. It would appear that Mr Tiger Woods has a confidentiality clause in the contract between himself and the architect to keep the publicity down but if anyone knows who the architect is, it would be great.

The house is going to be modern in appearance as far as I can tell from the blub (“huge windows”). Classic designs don’t include huge windows to my knowledge.

Nov 16, 2009architect
by: Anonymous

I would also like to know who the architect is. Looks kinda like a Gene Leedy house.

Aug 06, 2009Architect
by: Anonymous

Who is the architect firm that is doing all the plans for this? Anyone know?

Jul 29, 2009Response to last comment
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

Thanks for the comment. It seems I was kind of right! And it is nice to have comments that add to the debate about Tiger Woods house. Appreciated.

Jul 29, 2009tiger
by: Anonymous

The comment posted by someone is truth, Tiger Woods lives in Orlando, I have see him at the gym where I go to. This area in Orlando is where wealthy people like Shaquille O’neal, Drew Gooden, and many other basketball along with golf players live. Also he will make the Jupiter house his main residence in the future.

Jun 11, 2009lot houses
by: caro

could be that he has more that one house

Jun 11, 2009tiger woods hawaii house
by: Anonymous

tiger woods hawaii house
The house looks more like it is situated in Hawaii or some such place.The video from the scene:Tiger Woods-video-online

Jun 10, 2009Response to last comment
by: Michael (PoC Admin)

Hi Ernie, thanks for the comment. I nearly always stick to cats! Well, the guy below said he lives near Tiger Woods and that Tiger is going to move to Jupiter so that seems to say there is some truth in what I have written, which is based, by the way, on all there is on the internet. I feel that I didn’t leave stone unturned.

If you know better, which seems to be the case (and for which I am pleased) it would be nice if you could give us some clues.

Here’s a video of what is supposed to be Tiger Woods House (but is not by my reckoning). It has had a massive amount of hits:


Jun 09, 2009Tiger’s houses
by: Ernie Grem

You had many errors in your Tiger’s houses stories. You need to stick to cats

May 01, 2009Information incorrect
by: Anonymous

Your info about Tiger is incorrect. He does live right here in Orlando in the Isleworth community. Its about 2 miles from my house.

I see him quite often as my wife and his wife use the same hair dresser.

He does have a place in Jupiter beach and will make that his primary home in a couple of years.

Apr 08, 2009Fan
by: Anonymous

Like millions of others I am a fan of Tiger Woods. It is his mental strength above all that is impressive. His house is described as “modest”, which is it relatively speaking.

Until September 7th I will give 10 cents to an animal charity for every comment. It is a way to help animal welfare without much effort at no cost. Comments help this website too, which is about animal welfare.

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