Tiger Woods Mother

Tiger Woods Mother

by Michael

Kultida Woods

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Kultida Woods

Tiger Woods mother is a Buddhist. So is Tiger Woods. Her name is Kultida Woods; shortened to Tida. Here are some facts:

  • Her maiden name is Kultida Punsawad
  • She met her husband Earl Woods in in Bangkok, Thailand, and they were married in 1969
  • Tida raised Tiger as an Asian child but wouldn’t expand on that statement
  • Kultida was tough on Tiger when he grew up. His father was softer. She used to beat his backside as a punishment
  • She says she doesn’t forgive people
  • Tiger says his mother doesn’t cry
  • Note: to my regular visitors....please forgive this page on a golfer's mother but he is news right now and that brings visitors which makes money for cats! Oh, and her son's name has "tiger" in it, the world's greatest cat.
  • She is strong willed and has a “code” (of conduct)
  • She finds it hard to tolerate weakness
  • During a part of their marriage, Kultida and Earl, Tiger’s parents, lived apart but they were not legally separated
  • She likes a big house
  • Tiger loves and respects his mother completely
  • She suggested he wear red on the last day of a tournament. He does.
  • She taught Tiger to go after his golf opponents with maximum force, “Go after them, kill them”
  • She also taught Tiger sportsmanship
  • She is diminutive in stature
  • Tiger Woods mother likes to wear sharp oranges, reds, blacks, gold colours and a Bangkok hat
  • Tiger Woods mother has been an ardent supporter at tournaments to the point where it became an issue for organisers and to Tiger himself on at least one occasion when she moved, distracting Tiger, when she should have stood still.
  • She has a thick Thai accent.
  • Kultida thinks that Tiger totally dominates Davis Love ("He kill Davis' heart")
  • She took Tiger aged 10 to Thailand to see the place first hand.
  • Tiger Woods says his heart is Thai despite being American
  • Kultida Woods, Tiger Woods mother used to get her son to golf tournaments throughout California getting up early in the morning to do so and she would keep Tiger’s score. She never complained. A testament to her mental strength which Tiger seems to have inherited (except for his deeply rooted flaw of marital infidelity)…Did he also learn this from his mother or father? I think he did.

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Tiger Woods Mother

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Dec 16, 2009 Mothers
by: Ruth

Mothers usually still love their children no matter what they do and stick up for them even if they give them hell in private lol
Just like a mother cat and her kittens really.

Dec 15, 2009 Mother at scene of crash
by: Michael

Thanks Ruth. I think that his strict Mom (Mum in the UK) and his upbringing may have something to do with Tiger's catastrophic fall from grace. It is almost a self-destruct. And that may be because Tiger has had to live up to his mother's massively high expectations all his life and it got too much.

So he found a way of getting out! Serial adultery. I think it is thirteen affairs as at mid-December 2009.

Anyway, I just learned that Tiger Woods mother was in the house at Windermere when Tiger crashed his Cadillac and she came over the grass to the crash site immediately afterwards. Not sure if that is hard truth but it is what I read.

The question remains: What does his high standards mother think about all this? She must be mortified to see her darling god-like son who she nurtured to super stardom fall out of the sky.

Dec 15, 2009 Tiger Woods
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra

Very interesting Michael and a tiger IS a cat when all's said and done.
I don't follow golf but I have heard of Tiger Woods in the news of course. I didn't realise Tiger is his real name !

2 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Mother”

  1. three things for tiger woods.number 1 its nice to see you smile,remember golf is a game,treat it as so.from time to time allow your mind to acknowledge the black(afro american) side of you.its who you are.


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