Tiger Woods Swedish Girlfriend

Tiger Woods Swedish Girlfriend

by Michael
(London, UK)

Introduction: Tiger Woods Swedish Girlfriend is now his wife. Her full name is Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren Woods. She was born 1st January 1980 in Stockholm, Sweden. She was brought up in the coastal area of Waxholm (src: http://www.ayushveda.com). She is a former Swedish model (part-time?). She started her modelling career as a teenager and studied psychology at university in Berlin, Germany. Elin Nordegren has been described as a “fitness enthusiast”. (src:http://racerelations.about.com)

She has a twin sister, Josefin, and an older brother, Axel. Her parents are Thomas who is (or was) a radio journalist and Barbro Holmberg a politician and a minister of the Swedish government. Good Swedish stock, then!

How they met: Both Tiger Woods Swedish Girlfriend to be and her sister were working for Jasper Parnevik, a well known Swedish golfer, who was runner up to Nick Price in the (British) Open Championship of 1994 at Turnberry. In 2001 at the British Open Championships held at Royal Lytham & St. Annes (won by David Duval), Jasper introduced her to Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods finished outside the top ten at this championship. He was not swinging well he said. Update: early Dec. 2009 – Jasper says he regrets introducing Tiger to Elin. She could have married a better man. He said she should use a driver rather than a 3 iron the next time in reference to the golf club she was waving around at the accident site.

When they became engaged: November 2003, some 2 and one half years after meeting Tiger Woods became engaged to his then Swedish girlfriend at the luxury Shamwari Game Reserve while playing in the Presidents Cup tournament in South Africa.

When they got married: On October 5th 2004 Tiger Woods marries his Swedish Girlfriend by the 19th hole at the exclusive Sandy Lane resort in Barbados. Tiger booked the entire hotel. It is known to be a very expensive hotel.

Update: Early December 2009: Tiger Woods crashes his car into a hydrant and tree outside his $2.5m (temporary?) house in the Isleworth Community, Florida. Subsequently it transpires he has had an affair or two or three…Is divorce on the cards? There is a pre-nuptual agreement, apparently. She may get up to $300m if she divorces.

This table has been updated. Accordingly the date sequence is now out in respect of the whole page



1st January 1980Elin Nordegren born

July 2001

Woods meets Nordegren

November 2003

Woods engaged to Nordegren

October 2004

Wood marries Nordegren

18th June 2007

First child, Sam Alexis Woods, born

8th February 2009

Second child, Charlie Axel Woods, born
Early December 2009Leaked that there is a $300m pre-nuptual agreement that Elin wants to renegotiate!
November 2009It is alleged that her husband has had multiple affairs even while Elin in pregnant etc. and throughout the marriage. Allegations of prescription drug taking problems and alcohol issues surround Woods too.
Early December 2009Elin moves out of matrimonial home to live in a house owned by Woods (and or Elin) nearby on the same estate (Windemere, Isleworth, Orlando, Florida, USA). This is the next stage after having had an alleged furious row with Tiger after heaeing about his alleged affair with Ms Uchitel.
Early December 2009Stories emerge from Swedish media that Elin has purchased, in late Nov. 2009, a house in her home country, Sweden, with her sister. It is an island home in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.
12th December 2009It appears to have been decided that Tiger will take an indefinite period away from golf and spend the time with his family to try and rebuild it. A long stint on his yacht, Privacy seems to be on the cards. Tiger will miss the Ryder Cup and it seems the Masters and lots more.
16th December 2009Stories emerging that Elin is packing her bags and leaving the matrimonial home in Isleworth with the kids. She is allegedly divorcing Tiger or it looks that way as she is seeing a divorce lawyer, Sorrell Trope. £169million has been mentioned as a max. divorce settlement! There was talk earlier of her staying with him. Now she doesn’t wear the wedding ring.

Newspaper Scandal: After the Woods/ Nordegren relationship became known a scandal broke out about his then girlfriend allegedly posing nude. An Irish paper, The Dubliner recklessly or maliciously published photographs of a person looking like Elin Nordegren but it was not her. Woods sued and won. Tiger Woods speaks little Swedish. I guess that never presented a problem as Swedish people frequently speak good English and judging by Elin Nordegren’s parents she almost certainly had a decent education and learnt English.

Elin Woods being very attractive has been described as possibly the hottest Mom (Mum). This could be true. She is certainly right up there in the first division with Angelina Jolie (Brad Pitt’s wife and mother) and women such as Reese Witherspoon (Hollywood actress) and Katie Holmes (marries to Tom Cruise).

Tiger on his then girlfriend:

“It’s pretty exciting to find a person who complements you so well. She’s just like me: very competitive with a little bit of a temper.” -Tiger Woods, on Elin Nordegren.

(src: http://racerelations.about.com)< /p>

Mr and Mrs Tiger Woods apparently spent their wedding night on a $57 million (or is it $20m) yacht called Privacy.

They currently live in Florida in the Isleworth community, Windermere, Orlando — see Tiger Woods House. He is (or was) building a super house on Jupiter Island, Florida. The great Arnold Palmer lives in the Orlando area.

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Tiger Woods Swedish Girlfriend

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Dec 22, 2009 Blondes
by: Anonymous

I wish America would stop talking about pure blonde, etc. It is just a hair color. They are pig colored sluts who will sleep with anyone. If it weren’t for the media how are they beautiful? Explain please???

Dec 21, 2009 Update 22 Dec 2009 (GMT)
by: Michael

Elin is leaving Tiger Woods House (the Isleworth one!) tonight (11pm GMT) escorted by police. Tiger is on his yacht, Privacy. Elin will have to accept the $20m pre-nup or stay married a while but she is determined to divorce it seems (she really has to after all he has done).

Elin flying to her new home in Sweden for Christmas.

Dec 20, 2009 Was Tiger a virgin when he met Elin?
by: Eurydice

Will anyone who is knowledgeable please respond!! Wasn’t Tiger suppose to be a virgin when he met Elin? My memory tells me, that was his claim.

Dec 16, 2009 Update 16th December 2009
by: Anonymous

It is reported (take every report with a pinch of salt) that:

  • She is divorcing. Maybe the latest affair to be revealed with a 48 yr old women (Theresa Rogers) who taught him all he knew about how to make love (have sex is a better description) is the last straw. She’s offff..
  • Elin is seeking it is said half of what he earned during the 5 years that they were together, which equates to about £338m ($550m). She will be lucky to get anywhere near that in my view. She should divorce in England!
  • The talk of making up seems to have been ether… all evaporated or is the new news just fiction?
  • Elin will probably move back to Sweden to her new house their
  • There are plans for he to be the face of Swedish-inspired clothing line Tretorn (Puma owned)
  • Tiger is just coping but it is all falling in around him

Dec 14, 2009 A thought
by: Anonymous

Tiger Wood’s mother, Tida, is a very disciplined women who taught Tiger all he knows about how to win ruthlessly.

Tiger’s father, Earl, was much softer in character. Tiger’s parents lived apart. Why? Was it due to the matrimonial infidelity, the affairs of either one of his parents? Tiger learned from his parents in a very direct way. He may well have learned how not to remain married from them too.

Just speculating.

Dec 14, 2009 New and Improved!!
by: Anonymous

Given the choice of the women, it’s clear that TWW has got what he likes in a partner, that said why then is he out there chasing the same thing ? could it be that, a little changes here and there could do the trick? (rough it up a little) yehhh.. Tigers live in the wild woods ya know!

Dec 14, 2009 Caucasian
by: Anonymous

The Dutch are caucasian.

Dec 13, 2009 tiger’s race
by: Anonymous

How did Tiger become caucasian? His father is African American, Chinese and Native American; mother is Chinese(Thai), Dutch, what race out of these five is considered caucasian? Usually ethnic sport figures marry caucasian ladies, so what we are all human beings with the same problems, just some of us are richer.

Dec 12, 2009 Battle lines
by: Anonymous

There is a polarisation of opinions about Tiger. Some say he is a macho type sportsman and black (well he says he isn’t) and a lot of men and black people think it is acceptable and to be praised, what he did. While the majority it seems think he is a plain cheat and just another one of them. They are bored already.

Dec 12, 2009 Update
by: Anonymous

Elin is sticking by her man and her man is going to stop playing golf for a while. Good idea I say. OK his golf will suffer and he might not beat Jack Nicklaus’s 18 Grand Slams but he’ll have a better life and golf’s just a game. He’ll have a massive loss in earnings (sponsorship too) but he is already a billionaire it seems.

I understand that they are going to live on Tiger Woods Yacht “Privacy” for a while to keep away the bl**dy paparazzi.

Update: She’s divorcing or so it seems! (16-12-09)

Dec 11, 2009 Update 11th December 2009
by: Anonymous

One of the great casualties of this is the loss of a hero and the loss of hope for all of Tiger’s fans.

People, a lot of them very young looked up to Tiger and saw hope for a future if they followed his way. Tiger has torn that up and left people feeling confused and angry.

You may see Woods entirely nude in Playgirl magazine in time for Christmas!!

Jaimee Grubbs one of his women on the side said she didn’t realise Woods was married! Can we believe that (src: Times newspaper (UK) 11-12-09).

Woods is “very good” in bed according to porn star Holly Sampson.

Woods was texting his girlfriends 15 hours before the car crash wishing Ms Crubbs a “Happy Thanksgiving to you”. She replied “You too babe”!

His millions of fans are rightly turning against him because he has shot down their dream and hero. He has proved to be a sham.

Woods may leave the USA with his wife to try and rebuild his life and marriage.

Dec 11, 2009 Woods has lost his class
by: Harrier

All the women knew Woods was married. Woods certainly has very specific race of women he choses to be with…And a certain class-none in the same as his wife. Now we know why he wanted to keep personal information from the press. Woods classy image is gone forever.

Dec 11, 2009 Divorce
by: Anonymous

I don’t know how Elin can stay married to Tiger and maintain any dignity. And he will never change. He seems almost to be a ill person who needs medical treatment. I have just heard that he had sex with 10 (allegedly) but that many more turned him down! Good for them. I am sure it must be tough for some single women to say no to such a well known person. Even though he is a sportsman I expect nearly all women to recognize him.

Dec 10, 2009 Tiger is off limits
by: Joanna

Watching ellen show and Steve Harvey is the guest. He says Tiger should start using drive throughs or Delivery pizza since all his problems are mostly with hostesses and waitresses. He also said he has always wanted to meet Tiger, BUT…no, not now. Not even sit next to him…I guess for fear of being cast as the same loose moral person.

Dec 10, 2009 Update
by: Anonymous

News from the Sun:

Although Elin is devastated she won’t divorce him she has said because she is the product of a divorce herself. So it is for the children.

Elin threw a mobile phone at him in the blazing row on the night of the car crash and broke one of Tiger’s teeth.

One of the women with whom tiger had an affair has apologised.

Dec 10, 2009 Elin’s mother
by: Anonymous

As we may have heard Elin’s mother, Barbro Holmberg, who had come over from Sweden to assist her daughter was taken to the same hospital where Tiger Woods was taken and evaluated. She was discharged not long after (11 hours later apparently).

An emergency call was made from Tiger Woods House. What was that all about? Apparently she had stomach pain. Did that need emergency medical treatment? Apparently not. Who called emergency services? Her or Woods? What caused the pain? Where they in a fight? Lots of questions.

Dec 10, 2009 Tiger
by: Michael

Yes, Joanna, Tiger likes to use the phrase “Cablinasian” which is an amalgam of Caucasian, black, Indian and Asian.

It is said that his preference for blond white women is not unusual for black sport stars.

He is not “black” in the usual meaning of the word it seems to me but his preferences seem to be those of a black sports star.

Dec 08, 2009 Who says he calls himself black?
by: joanna

Tiger does not call, or consider himself black. His father did not marry a black woman. Tiger’s mother is Thai. For anyone calling Elin a gold digger and the babies money bundles…get a life! Funny thing is that 2 of his “easies” look as though they have some Thai in them too…no pun intended…although one of them looked completely different during 9/11 when she was looking for her fiancee who was killed. It does not matter, they all thought he would leave his wife and kids for them. The funny thing that everyone seems to be missing…is Tiger scared of his wife, or, is he scared he will lose her? If neither of the two, why did he make that frantic phone call to one to take her name off her phone? Paid her $150,000 to keep quiet and paid the one from NYC a lot more not to talk. Good thing he has money to clear his way….without it he would just be another ho-server…which in actual fact he is!

Dec 08, 2009 About Black Women Odor
by: Clarification

For the person that made the comment the Black women stink. We do not stink you just smelling you upper lip.

Dec 08, 2009 pay the cost to be boss.
by: Anonymous

tigers just as human as his haters so what he lived every married mans fantasy with greatballs of fire.america eat your hearts out.besides whats in your wallet.

Dec 08, 2009 mr.wood shame on you
by: emanuel

i would say that looking at mr.woods ‘girl friends’ exposes mr woods real problem,or an underlying weakness…that is he has picked all white women, and not one of any color?!! point being if he can have anything he wants he would not pick himself,under the same criteria he applies to his choice in women in his life,must make his mom real proud, although i am sure she has turned a blind eye to this….this shows the imput given to mr. woods growing up, not only lack of family values, but lack of knowing who he really is….looks like they spent to much time on the golf course, and not nearly enough time on real values.

Dec 07, 2009 Tiger’s # 1
by: Anonymous

Tiger Bang all the white women they love it!!
The white men here are scared they will lose all there women! And you know what you already have.
Ha Ha.Tiger will be ok.

Dec 07, 2009 She knew this would happen
by: I love it

Why else would she marry a stinky buck? She knew he would do it with any white woman and she would cash out. those are not babies they are money bundles..

Funny that tiger had no affairs with black women?? who is the real racist here (I cannot blame him I would not sleep with a black woman anyways they stink)

Dec 05, 2009 GO TIGER GO
by: Cathy Jo

Why don’t all you raciest leave Tiger and his family alone. They have had a wonderful clean lifestyle with beautiful children and have done great things for all our lives, you need to get a life for your selves and and leave this family alone.

We all have a right to love and marry any one we so choose. And there is nothing wrong with white and black marring. God loves all of us even you raciest. I hope that you ask GOD for forgiveness. Tiger and family, you hang in there and a lot of us are behind you both.


Dec 04, 2009 tiger woods swedish girlfriend
by: Anonymous

to the idiot that commented on Tiger’s wife’s haircolor: She is 100 % swedish you moron it is obvious that is her real haircolor, and the racist moron that wrote about her children is just that, a racist idiot. Did it ever dawn on you people she really fell i love with him..

Dec 03, 2009 Gold Digger
by: Anonymous

Most women who colored their hair blond are gold digger and sometimes they deserve what they happened to their lives. They know exactly what they got themselves into and willing do so. They are after money and not love, so don’t bring the love jealousy out because it’s not true. They are afraid they will lose all the million dollars. Tiger’s wife wouldn’t demand so much money if she wasn’t after the dollar. He would have love her more if she just walk away empty hand. It makes her a real woman who truly loves him unconditionally.

Nov 28, 2009 Last comment
by: Michael

The last comment is very racist but I’ll leave it if no one objects as it shows the true face of the world.

A more serious development is the recent Thanksgiving problem (2009) when Tiger drove his car into a fire hydrant and tree at 2 am after a Thanksgiving gathering.

There is talk that he has domestic problems. That means problems with his Swedish wife of course.

Tiger Woods is nearly squeaky clean until Thanksgiving 2009. This may affect his entire career including golfing form and sponsorship.

I wish him well and hope the marriage survives.

Nov 27, 2009 That’s just great…
by: Anonymous

Another pure blonde woman who is going to have a bunch of half-human offspring instead of passing on her genes to beautiful white children.

Oct 13, 2009 hi
by: proo_aa2@yahoo

but i couldn’t get it , what is ur problem ?

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