Tiger Woods Wife Photo

Tiger Woods Wife Photo

by Michael
(London, UK)

Want to see a tiger Woods wife photo? People do after all Tiger and his family has been through and will be going through.

Not so long ago people were looking for “Tiger Woods Swedish girlfriend“. Then they married. A glamorous couple. They have two children.

Now it seems to be all over after Tiger’s alleged adultery. I have read today that the divorce is being finalised.

It seems that it is an uncontested divorce. A quiet divorce. She is divorcing him and it must be on the grounds of his adultery although I have not read this.

As to division of assets. I would expect that she is looking to receive a hefty monthly maintenance payment and a lump sum that might equate to about half of what he earned during the time that they were together. It may fall short of that however as he earned a huge amount during that time and she doesn’t need half of that.

OK here is the Tiger Woods wife photo:

Photobucket hot link – legitimate

The above photo was taken some time ago, perhaps when they were first married or thereabouts.

And below is another by an amateur photographer at the AT&T National Golf Tournament (2009). Things have changed for Tiger’s golf since then. He played rubbish in this tournament in 2010, which was won by an English golfer, Justin Rose, who I have met when he was 17 and playing amateur golf (bloody well..:)

AT&T National Golf Tournament @ Congressional Country Club - Hosted by Tiger Woods
Tiger’s daughter Sam Alexis Woods is on Elin’s hip
Photo Chase McAlpine (Flickr)

They made a nice couple. She is very attractive. As at 7th July 2010, Tiger has just played in a pro-am in Ireland and rather than stay in or near Great Britain in preparation for the Open golf championship at St. Andrews he has flown back to Florida to see his kids. He must be getting visiting rights. He sounds p**sed off and his golf is relatively very poor. Too much on his mind, I am afraid.

I presume that he is flying back to the notorious Tiger Woods house where the accident happened in Orlando. I don’t know if the new large family house on Jupiter Island, to the south east of Orlando in Florida, is completed. It is being built on a large plot on the Atlantic coast. Jupiter Island is a thin strip of land populated by the rich off the east coast of Florida.

After divorce I would expect the children to live with Erin, the mother, with extensive visiting rights to Tiger. But that will be a sad loss to the children. This rather than the money is the biggest loss to Tiger and for the entire family and mainly the children.

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Tiger Woods Wife Photo

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Jul 09, 2010 Another Sylvia
by: Sylvia

I must point out that the Sylvia who wrote the long comment is not me,the Sylvia with 14 cats you know from the anti declaw battle.
Just to avoid any confusion,I only comment on articles about cats.

Jul 09, 2010 Money and fame
by: Sue

Those in the limelight who make a lot of money from the support and admiration of the public have little right to keep their affairs private.
Anyone who wants to live an ordinary private life should do so ALL THE TIME.
You can’t be a “part time” celebrity!

Jul 08, 2010 Your essay was fun reading.
by: Sylvia

But it was also bleak. Two things I don’t grasp: the public’s right, as they clearly perceive it, to intrude in other folk’s private affairs, nor why such details should overshadow these high achievers’ remarkable attainments. If their interests are prurient, ours are no less so.

Consenting adults owe no one but their family a ‘promise to reform,’ explanations and apologies. It’s true they mangle their spouses and kids. But why should their libido taint their skills in leadership, why should it negate their extraordinary talent in other endeavors? Tiger Woods is a golfer, not an icon of morality. In my opinion, personal antics of this nature shouldn’t end careers. And they generally don’t. They shouldn’t be able to smash into rubble years of commitment to governance, efforts in championing conservation, stellar expertise attained through a lifetime of disciplined study and training.

Of equal relevance, who knows more about anguish – philanderers or monogamists? Because we are mortal, maybe what matters is figuring out how to minimize misery and maximize pleasure. Who is more happy? Inflatable rubber Tweedledees and Tweedledums who enjoy a light touch, and roll with the punches – or tragic souls who shatter? Who endures and who causes less pain? Male and female Casanovas – or Cathys and Heathcliffs?

After decades of marriage, some widows and widowers lose no time in plugging into websites in search of new romance. At the opposite end of the spectrum are those who want to die when their beloved dies.

One morning someone of my acquaintance rang her father’s doorbell. When there was no answer, she opened the door and saw a note on the mantel asking her for her forgiveness. Aghast, she drove up to the cemetery, where she found her father lying on her mother’s grave. She never recovered from the sight. Here was a man – he was my uncle – blind to other women.

Were he and his family better off than variety-lovers who know perfectly well that humans are interchangeable? Who see nothing unique in any of us, therefore nothing to mourn? People divorce all the time and – at least for the wife – the green cure is miraculous in healing most afflictions.

I see nothing irredeemably wrong with public figures whose private lives are dingy, provided they keep their capers apart from the sphere of performance that earns them recognition.

Jul 08, 2010 Interesting
by: Ruth

Interesting article Michael.
It’s the children I’m always sorry for when their parents split up and also the family pets.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jul 08, 2010 Tiger Woods wife photo
by: Rudolph.a.Furtado

The “Sexual Exploits” of Golfer Tiger Woods would put to shame the sexploits of even the most amorous male stud cat!Very ironical that Tiger Woods has had a “cat Species” as his first christian name and in real life has proved as amorous as his animal name-sake.Wonder if Tiger.Woods has any cats as pets in his household.Anyway, judge him for his contribution to Golf and not for his “Private personal life”.

Rudolph avatar

Jul 08, 2010 ???
by: Anonymous

What does this have to do with cats?!

Jul 07, 2010 P.S.
by: Michael

Why talk about a person who is unconnected to cats (as far as I know) on PoC? Because the title has “tiger” in it and people search for it! Simple. I don’t do this often.

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