Tigers Becoming a Pest Online on Tinder

In the competitive and crowded world of online dating it can be tough to prove yourself as an alpha male especially on Tinder, the mobile app, where potential mates can dismiss your carefully compiled profile with a flick of the fingers.

Tinder tigers and their alpha male human props!
Tinder tigers and their alpha male human props!
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It has been mentioned that men with puppies or kittens and cats are catnip to the receptive female. Ambitious and competitive males are embracing that concept by turning to wild animals of all kinds but particularly the tiger to enhance their chances of success in the mating game. They pose next to tigers and use the photo in their profile. The photos are taken in zoos and safari parks.

Women are becoming irritated at the proliferation of this new (desperate) phenomenon. The fad is being documented in two blogs:

  1. Tinder Guys with Tigers
  2. Tigers of Tinder

The mission statement of the first one reads:

“Documenting the absurdly large number of dudes who have taken a picture with a tiger and are attempting to use said picture to woo women on the internet.”

And so for some women the highly endangered tiger in the wild is becoming a pest online.

One of the problems is that many tigers who join these alpha males – or males who want to look alpha – are in chains etc. They are emasculated and sedated. It is a bizarre rather upside down world. Another form of tiger exploitation I guess.

The fad is likely to fizzle out because some females simply want to see the man and not a drugged tiger in chains next to him.

9 thoughts on “Tigers Becoming a Pest Online on Tinder”

  1. Yes. Well.

    Don’t mean to be brutal here, but your insights – well-intentioned as they are – have more holes, as usual, than a Swiss cheese.

    While there’s no need to lay hands on the gelt, it’s still nice to know it’s salted away. (Too bad the Brits never heard of Jack Benny’s vault with its crocodile moat and burglar alarm, complete with basso profundo foghorn.)

    But here’s how it is. What woman, unless she’s blessed with advanced cataracts, could cozy up to a guy who looked like Bill Gates or Garrison Keillor? (Don’t mean to poke fun. Both are likely sterling gents.) What’s more, Lady Chat couldn’t digest Clifford and his ancestral estate. Ollie in a hovel was her cup of tea.

  2. Can you imagine Oliver Mellors posing with a drug-bombed & trashed, pitiful tiger on a Used Persons Twink City website?

    • After a bit of quick research to discover who Oliver is, my answer to your question is No! The best men don’t need a tiger in the tank….Neither do they need to eat a tiger’s penis (like some Asians) to feel manly. The best men tare take me as you find me. Confidence is the biggest factor and…guess what? Money 😉

  3. Jeez the world really is full of idiots isn’t it. Pictured next to a tiger as a dating profile picture has to be a new low for us and the internet.

    To think that people are so out of touch with life on earth that they can’t even see how sad and depressing the whole ‘tigers in public’ thing is.

    I don’t understand how you can stand next to one of these tigers and not become sad or depressed right away. Do these neandertholes have thoughts or emotions? Are they blind? Sadly the answer to that is no. Infact they can see and they can think and feel, yet even so they promote themselves with depressed tigers in captivity. These guys are real morons aren’t they.

    • It is a world that is alien to me. It is an example of de-evolution. We are reverting back to whence we came. I am so far removed from this stuff. There is no thought whatsoever about the plight of the tiger. We are doomed 😉

  4. How truly awful, tigers drugged or in chains, just so that some egotistic males think posing with one can make them look manly.
    Well if the truth be known they look exactly like the losers that they are!


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