Tigers for sale – 2022 – it needs to be banned

‘Tigers for sale’ is a phrase that I do not want to read when it concerns private sales from unscrupulous traders selling to naive customers. This page is not about inter-zoo sales which are bad enough. Humankind should not be trading tigers online. It should be entirely banned across the globe. Sadly, that is asking too much of humankind to organise. This long page is broken down into 2 parts; the second page contains the comments.

This page was initially written about 13 years ago. I’m going to add some words to it today, January 12, 2022. Actually, it’s quite interesting to do this to see what has changed over those intervening 13 years.

This page is characterised by the fact that there is a huge number of comments below this article. I have not counted them but it must be in the hundreds. This page including comments is over 16,000 words long ??. Put the kettle on ?. Perhaps the comments are more interesting than what I have written. Often times comments are more enlightening because you find out what people really think about this sort of marketplace. The marketplace in the trade of wild animals is obnoxious. It severely damages conservation and supports the notion that precious wild creatures are simply possessions of humans to do as they will with them. This is not the kind of relationship that humankind should be having with nature.

Baby tiger for sale online
Baby tiger for sale online. Pic in public domain.
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You will find that the sort of person who wants to trade in tigers and other exotic cats and iconic species live in developing countries where, I regret to say, there is a degree of ignorance about conservation and protecting the planet. That is not to say that educated people in the West are entirely innocent. Far from it. Many rich Westerners indulge in trophy hunting which is worse than selling tigers or lions.

I very quickly bumped into an online advert for the tiger cub (above). It’s on the Exotic Wildcat website. I don’t know whether this is a genuine sale. This cub is for sale as US$1500. The description of this cub is that she is 3.5 months old. On the same website they have other wild exotic animals for sale such as a pet jaguar at US$2500 and an adult tiger at US$2000. I suspect that this website is based in Asia somewhere or perhaps Africa.

On another website selling tigers they provide the address which is 3 Dundas Road, Lower Kololo, Kampala, Uganda. They are selling baby tigers to sell at “affordable prices”. They present pictures of two white tiger cubs and a picture of white lion and tiger cubs. They offer a 10% discount if you buy animals in large quantities!

White tiger and lion cubs for sale online from Kampala, Uganda
White tiger and lion cubs for sale online from Kampala, Uganda

They deliver wild animals as pets to customers worldwide. They say that baby tigers can be kept at home if they are tamed. Comment: what about when they grow up ?. The price of these white tigers is US$3000 each. Bengal tiger cubs are at US$2000 each.

They say that their animals are vaccinated “by professional veterinarians”. That implies that sometimes vaccinations in Africa are not carried out by veterinarians! They insist that their tigers are “tamed making them harmless to owners and caretakers”. What about when they grow up?

You will have to pay a US$300 commitment fee when booking a tiger.

What do people think about tigers for sale? Are you upset, appalled or OK about it? Is it a bad thing or acceptable? What is bad about it? How is an individual able to sell Siberian tiger cubs from a residential location? Well, here is one person doing that it seems.

tiger cubs for sale

It just all seems very odd to me. This is a white Siberian tiger cub in what seems like the person’s bedroom. He (I presume he is the seller but I could be wrong) is asking $1,500.

“We have three lovely potty trained tiger cubs for sale. email me at ch************@ya***.com

$1,500.00 — Ad placed 9/16/2009
Item location Agoura Hills

This is the web address — Los Angeles Super Ads. Link broken Jan 2022.

Here is another advert for Gorgeous Siberian Tiger Cubs for sale. This is for 4 orange tiger cubs and it is the same person as above selling (or the same email address) although the advert is on a different site. The contact email is: chao.tigercubsatyahoo.com. I have not checked this at 2022.

These tigers for sale have the shots, vet checked and are “purebred” blah, blah. This means someone is breeding them in the USA, probably very common. The gene pool will be shockingly small and the tigers inbreed, almost certainly. This also has to be an unhealthy operation. And they seem to be selling to anyone with facilities or not. No one seems to care.

Here is another odd thing. A sick thing really. These cubs are described as “used” in the advert. Ah well, they are products aren’t they. No different from a used car and a similar price actually. A car is easier to maintain though. And it is dead.

tiger cubs for sale -1

In the UK there is an advert that is still on the internet (Oct 2009 but posted: 26 Jul 2008) advertising Home raised Tiger Cubs for sale. They are

“AKC registered, current on shots and dewormed records and are from champion blood lines and pedegree” (the spelling is as is).

They sell for £1,000 and a Google map shows that they are or were (see advert – this might end up a broken link – it has at mid-July 2010) in London (Lewisham, which is south-east London). There is a warning under the ad that warns visitors that a person(s) has already complained.

Finally, I’d like to refer to a one-page website dedicated to selling tigers online Buytigers.com (new window). They proudly claim to be the first real tiger store and “breedings” come from India, they say. A “pack” that includes a tiger cost $13,400 (at Oct 2009). Very consumer orientated. Just like buying a car. The website is still online on January 2022. It is a one-page website. They provide an email address where you simply contact them for details. They are still selling tigers.

Let’s try and figure out why it is bad to advertise tigers for sale, to sell tigers. These are my reasons; there must be others:

  1. The tiger is badly endangered in the wild. Selling tigers creates a culture that gives the impression that a tiger is a commodity no different to any other product. It cheapens an animal that is very valuable to the world. The tiger is an asset to the world.
  2. Selling tigers encourages trade in tigers, which can only be detrimental to their survival in the wild.
  3. There are many thousands of captive tigers in the USA but far less living naturally in the wild. Some captive tigers live in totally unsuitable conditions (see Tiger Truck Stop in Grosse, LA). Selling tigers to anyone as if they are domestic cats is wrong as it ignores all the maintenance and legal issues of keeping such a large wild animal. Are there any legal requirements in the USA or is it that laissez faire? Some states ban keeping exotic animals while others have very loose regulations it seems. The legislation seems to be in a mess.
  4. The whole sordid business feels like a reflection of what is wrong with the “consumer society”; the throwaway society and these tigers are not infrequently thrown away (see Texas tigers are unwanted)
  5. The people who advertise tigers for sale (like the person above) have a complete disregard for the tiger and must have a low level of probity and decency. They completely lack respect for this animal.
  6. They make no mention of their breeding program, of inbreeding, of health problems etc.

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26 thoughts on “Tigers for sale – 2022 – it needs to be banned”

    1. Your comment translates to “Do you ship to Argentina?”

      Are you taking the piss?! You are not seriously enquiring about buying a tiger, are you? Don’t, don’t, don’t.

  1. I think that if you are going to own a tiger you should live in the forest with it and not in a compartment. these creatures are NOT lollipops!
    If ou are going to sell them than sell them for a lower price and NOT in a scam!this is outrageous! this topic should not be even thought of!

    1. Heidi, tigers are sold everywhere like lollipops. There is nothing that cannot be traded by humans. Nothing is sacred. The trade in wildlife internationally is worth billions of dollars annually. All the animals are exploited by man. We use up the planet as fast as we can. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. i would like to buy a pair of white tigers for our zoo here at phils.plss pm me need it badly.offer me your prizes.cages and place are ready.we have a vet and a very big area.

  3. The guy posted in “his bedroom” is Jason from TigerHomes sanctuary. They do not sell tigers, he was rearing that tiger cub whose name is Tundra. Check out TigerHomes.org for more information. 🙂

  4. Why not remove the comments advertising exotics? Or at least edit out the contact details. Otherwise this page is aiding the trade and is used for advertising.

    1. Yes, you are right to ask that, Sarah. However, more comments means more exposure to the page. This page is ranked well by Google (which is hard for this sort of topic) so is seen quite a lot and my article is against the trade.

      On balance I’d rather have the page seen and abused slightly than have it invisible and a waste of time.

      Also comments selling gives me the chance to make a reply countering it. That is the argument anyway.

    2. Another reason why I let breeders advertise it because it tells others who is breeding tigers etc. and a lot of people who visit PoC are anti-breeding so they can make a note too.

  5. Male and Female Tiger/cheetahs Cubs for sale in to a caring home We are a breeder of a wide variety of exotic animals such as cheetah cubs, cougar cubs, jaguar cubs, leopard cubs, black panther babies, lion cubs,contact us for more information (li**********@gm***.com)

    1. Hi Linda. Thanks for visiting etc. but as you might realise I don’t like tigers for any other wild cat species bred and then sold.

      These cheetah cubs are gorgeous but I feel sad for them. That’s just me I guess.

      1. jessica staples

        how much are the baby cheetahs are they good for kids? my boy keep saying they want a baby cheetah. and my husband and I keep laughing at them.. they found your site. tell us about them??

        1. The cheetah is not suited to being a pet. A baby cheetah might be nice and they are friendly cats. Cheetahs were trained to hunt with people in India. So a cheetah cub is cute and let us say he is socialised but is he neutered and would you declaw him? You have better not because if you did that I’ll hate you! There are many crippled wild cat “pets”. What happens when the cheetah grows up? Your boy won’t like the cat or stop caring for it. Then what? Abandon? Cheetahs are totally unsuited. Forget the idea. Mad idea 😉

          No wild cat should be a “pet” ever under any circumstances.

          Almost forgot, do you like cat urine all over your walls and furniture? Spray marking is commonplace. It’ll be chaos and the family will be badly disrupted. Your cheetah will be unhappy. All cheetahs should be in the wild in large ranges.

          Is it legal?


  6. i am intersed in a tiger i live in michagan and would like to see if any one can help me call or text 1(231)721-5944 thxs

    1. I don’t supply tigers. I just own this site. Please don’t adapt a tiger. It is not good for tigers. Tigers are becoming extinct in the wild and the keeping of tigers as pets or by individuals is not good at all for the long term prospects of the species.

  7. Tigers rock they are amazing you could tame any big cat you could maybe even bring them in your house i would more than love to have a pet tiger but a couple facts i live in peterborough

  8. ok if u were to own a tigher and lets say u trained it well but u will regrett what it killed u for those kind of animals need to be free ……….. 😛

  9. We are a breeder of a wide variety of exotic animals such as cheetah cubs, cougar cubs, jaguar cubs, leopard cubs, black panther babies, lion cubs, yellow and white Siberian tigers and Bengal tiger cubs . We offer mostly the tamed babies of 10 to 19 weeks from our collections We consistently offer high quality and well trained exotic pets for low prices.
    we shipped quality animals that meet international transport association rules and regulations) They are well care for and delivery is 100% guarantee, They are well trained, All Registered, easy to handle. comes along with all accessories and complete papers
    contact for more information by calling 0023799916384 or email me with

      1. Please don’t even think about it. It is much better to leave the tiger alone in the wild. If you could ship a Siberian tiger to Egypt make sure it really is a Siberian tiger because a lot of tigers are “generic” hybrids or a miss-mash of genes from Bengal tigers and zoo tigers etc.

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