Tiger’s Justice Team Hire an Attorney to Represent Tiger at the Forthcoming Vet Board Conference

In an extremely innovative move, Tiger’s Justice Team have used a crowd funding website, gofundme.com, to raise more than their goal of $6000 (they raised $6865) enabling them to employ an attorney to represent Tiger at the forthcoming Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners “conference” on 28th August.

Justice for Tiger
The photo illustrating the crowd funding page.
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This is an informal hearing of sorts in which hundreds of complaints about the behaviour of the now notorious Dr Kristen Erin Lindsey are discussed and clarified. Tiger’s Justice Team (TJT), as you may remember, filed an excellent and highly comprehensive new complaint to the Board. They are therefore complainants with the right to attend and speak at the conference.

Although the Animal League Defence Fund (ALDF), who have filed a complaint, have an attorney he/she won’t be attending the conference I am told (see comments – thanks Betsy).Tiger’s Justice Team once again should be highly praised for taking the initiative to use crowdfunding to hire a lawyer to maximise the chances of getting justice for Tiger at this important meeting.

The Tiger’s Justice Team report on their Facebook page that they have heard more about what to expect at this conference. Firstly, it will be held in a large Texas state government building. People who are attending have to present a photo ID together with an invitation letter where they will receive a visitor’s badge. To the visitor’s badge TJT members will also where there TJT badges with pride! They are excellently organised – very impressive.

The Board members are seated at a conference table. The complainants will not be at that table until they address the Board. The Board members want to wrap it up by noon as I understand it. I’m not sure that that is a good idea i.e. to set a time limit. The purpose is to do justice and therefore it should take as long as it takes. I’m sure they are aware of that.

Finally, is not known at this stage whether Kristen Lindsey, who I will call the “complainee”, will be attending but her lawyer will be, who as you may recall, has already filed a letter defending his client’s actions.

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4 thoughts on “Tiger’s Justice Team Hire an Attorney to Represent Tiger at the Forthcoming Vet Board Conference”

  1. Whether or not Tiger’s team gets the hearing they deserve, this is at least an important symbolic gesture letting the perpetrator, its supporters, and the world know that this precious life is and will always be beloved of so many more than their hating, life-taking side will ever have on theirs.

  2. Not thrilled with the Board setting a time limit that day. I’ve seen that tactic before. It’s a way to weasel out of business they would rather not deal with, and I suspect Tiger is one of those situations. There is no other plausible reason for them to “wrap it up by noon.” I suspect they will most likely let minor matters drag on, and then just as Tiger’s attorneys reach the table suddenly it will be “Oh, we’re out of time! So sorry!”

    I do applaud Tiger’s Justice Team. Go get her, guys!


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