Tik Tok cat killer brazenly evades Internet detection

This is a story about an alleged mysterious crazy cat killer and torturer who is presumed to be female and who is being chased and investigated on many Internet platforms such as Reddit but has so far evaded detection. The search for her, by which I mean her name and address and contact details, has been muddied by the verbal noise generated through conversations on platforms such as Reddit.

Crazy cat woman cat killer
Crazy cat woman, cat killer’s phone number! She gave it out in this video. Can’t believe it. Must be fake. You have to text her and not phone her!
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It is completely baffling when you read the message threads. Websites other than Reddit.com have also referred to this crazy cat killing woman which we know nothing about. Ironically, I have bumped into a video, the link to which was on Reddit.com, which discloses to the world this woman’s phone number. If it is genuine she has brazenley told the world her phone number. Weird. Looks wrong to me. You can see the video below and there is a screenshot on this page.

Note: videos on this site are typically made by people other than me and held on YouTube servers or the servers of other businesses (not the server storing this website). Sometimes the videos are deleted at source which stops them working on this site. It that has happened I apologise but I have no control over it.

An address was discovered but it appears to be meaningless because the person in question uses VPN which is a way of masking your true location. The address has been mentioned on Reddit.com and is in Huston, USA. I don’t want to disclose it in case it is wrong. Further, a name has been bandied around which I’m sure is incorrect and which is Rebecca Smith. That person has a LinkedIn account but I’m sure once again that this is an incorrect association with these animal cruelty crimes.

We are told that the woman promoted her actions of cat cruelty, which are or were shown on a site called Omegle, by using Tik Tok another social media site which is increasingly popular. A video blogger and gamer has also got involved. His name is Muta and he says that law enforcement is now involved. He blames the Reddit users for confusing the investigation as to who this person is. The acts of cruelty against cats are shocking and I don’t want to refer to them here. They are of the cruellest kind. We don’t know the reason why this person does it.

Stated reason why she is cruel to cats
Stated reason why she is cruel to cats

In a video I’m told that the woman gives a bizarre reasoning for her actions. She states that she does it i.e. is very cruel towards cats because she is tired of the degenerate brats who think they are better than her. She also says that she was raped once and abused by her boyfriend. She wants to put fear in others. That doesn’t make any sense to me because I see no connection between being cruel to animals and resolving mental health issues due to being raped. If this is a reason it might be a way of expressing her anger at the world. Domestic cats are often vehicles for people who want to get rid of their anger.

Further, in a deleted Tik Tok video the supposedly crazy cat lady and cat killer said that she had friends watching any posts about her. She also said that she knows the people who are calling the police about her. She has a childhood friend whose father is a senior police officer and therefore she gets feedback about the investigation from her friend.

Houston police have been contacted by Internet users on forums because of this Houston address being disclosed. Apparently the Houston police have not made any public statement about the investigation if it is taking place at all. Like I said, nothing is clear in this very muddy and mysterious story. It is all smoke and mirrors.

I’m posting this short article because I feel a duty to spread the word. The matter needs to be investigated and it needs to be closed. It looks as if this woman is genuinely harming cats and has been clever in avoiding the police thus far. There is real concern on the Internet about her behaviour and she needs to be stopped. However, the picture is very far from being clear and you can almost believe that the whole thing is a complete hoax but I don’t think it is. It just needs to be investigated and clarified and this woman is a psychopathic cat killer then justice needs to happen.

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  1. Woman evil needs to be in prison with other crazy lady that kills cats in closet sickos. On the way to ????????????????????????????

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