Give a cat an egg and they protect it?

Give a cat an egg and they protect it?

There is a TikTok meme which has just started up. You give your domestic cat on uncooked egg and they are meant to protect it because they realise that it is fragile. It makes quite an interesting video and it has caught on. The open-ended question is whether cats realise that they are being given a fragile object and therefore feel compelled to protected. I do not believe that this is the case. The cats quite like the smell of eggs because they are to a certain extent edible to a cat. Eggs are food to a cat at least potentially. And in general if you place any object next to a snoozing cat like this they will accept the object and perhaps sniff it to check it out. It’s normal domestic cat behaviour and it has nothing to do with the fact that it is an egg.

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