Time magazine’s POY Taylor Swift cover is stunning showing her with Benjamin Button her Ragdoll cat

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The photographer duo: Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin said this about the photo of Taylor Swift with Benjamin Button on her shoulders:

It really has everything: Her glamor, her power, her sense of empathy of carrying the whole world on her shoulders. Because if you do feel like that—she’s so involved in everything, whether it’s getting young people to vote, etc.—she’s always pushing for things that are outside of the music realm. I felt that there is something there in her body position that’s very powerful and strong. Her expression and the way she looks has this old Hollywood glamor but underneath, there’s so much power in her stance. The way she has Benjamin on her shoulders is kind of like, ‘Yeah, I’m carrying you all.’ 

The photo was inspired by a book by photographer Bill Hayward called Cat People from the ‘70s, with journalistic photos of cat lovers and their cats in which on the cover is a photo of a cat person celebrity (don’t know her name) with her cat on her shoulders.

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