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Time to do something about mothball poisoning of cats and dogs. Use safer methods. — 2 Comments

  1. When mothballs were used as a deterrent for cats, I don’t think people realized, unless they were trying to kill the cats. People are very unaware of the dangers (to us!)of so many toxic things that are promoted for cleaning and such.

    My roommate bought several boxes of mothballs (yes, he’s obsessive compulsive!) He put several open ones in his closet, and some in his bathroom.
    Mitzy likes to go in his room, and when I went in after her, I felt sick from the fumes. I read up on it, and shared it with him. I asked him to put them in the outdoor shed, since they are dangerous for him and for Mitzy. Our disposal company doesn’t even know how to dispose of them!

    If anything has a strong fragrance, it’s good to read the label, and search the ingredients. Mostly, it’s best to use simple home remedies that have worked, and are harmless.

    I wouldn’t mind if my clothes smelled like lavender or cinnamon! But I don’t keep clothes too long before recyling them back to the thrift store I got them from.

  2. I guess you people should have never spread the idea of everyone to use mothballs to repel your unwanted cats off of everyone’s property. That myth is still ongoing. YOUR FAULT! 🙂

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