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Time to pardon witches and their cats — 11 Comments

  1. “Witches” exist in England and superstition and “FORTUNE READING” is very common all over the world especially in India. Many powerful Indian politicians had their own favourite “GODMEN” or “GODWOMEN”. Search the “Internet” and you will come across the names and the services provided by various “GODMEN/GODWOMEN”.Nice to actually have a modern day “Witch ” comment on her trade and practises about “WITCHCRAFT”. If in India “Geri” would have been called a “Godwoman” and not a witch.Witch is the Western word.

    • I like that word “Godwoman”. It is far more positive and supports what Geri says. Humankind is terribly superstitious and afraid. I think it originates in fear. The fear of almost everything. Humans are a very anxious species.

    • That made me laugh, Elisa. My sister picked Monty up yesterday and exclaimed, “He’s huge! It’s like picking up a bear cub! “

  2. Michael,thank you. I am a witch. Witches follow the cycle of the seasons and moon. We are a nature based belief system. It is far more than spells or psychic readings. It is a way of life in which nature is upheld/revered.We live with nature,not in opposition to it.We find our cures and peace in nature.There is no Satanic involvement as to believe in Satan one must be a Christian or Jew. We believe there are positive and negative forces.In times past we were the healers and midwives.We follow Universal Laws,as above,so below.
    We are the hidden children,we are the people,the power,and the
    change,and we have incarnated in every race and every culture,and will
    continue to do so until the end of time. We are the weavers and we are
    the web.We cannot be stopped because we are the presence and the
    presence is us. We are the Divine angels of earth. We are the heavens
    and the stars. We are the earth,the air,the fire,and water.We are the
    spirit,we are one. And we have come to guide you home. For we are the
    Witches back from the dead. So mote it be. {Just a saying}
    We follow the spiritual paths of our ancestors.On this night,Samhain,we honor our ancestors and those who have passed on,including the animals,our companions.It is also the Celtic New Year,summer ends,winter begins.Samhain means summer’s end.Blessed Samhain. Happy Hallowe’en!

    • Hi Geri. Fantastic comment and I am pleased you are a witch because if you were not I wouldn’t have received such a good comment and insight. The lady in the UK on the radio this morning sounded really positive and intelligent. It is a completely different aspect of “witchcraft” to what it is commonly held to be.

      I’d love you to write an article for PoC about the role of cats in your belief.

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