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Time To Regulate the Unregulated Big Cats of America — 11 Comments

  1. The thought of a wild animal being caged makes me so damn angry because its morally wrong and that animal must suffer every second of its life!! Who do people think they are and why do some think its their God given right to possess another creature?

    For Gods sake American politicians get with it and sort out these laws!!

  2. yep im in total agreement too something needs to be done to protect all big cats in the wild as there will be none left soon. I donate to world wid efund and am happy that the small about of money i pay goes to help saving all animals i.e esp bear baiting. its just devasting hearing on internet and facebook how some hunters will put of a pic of them hunting those animals and being so proud what they done. just makes me sick. 🙁

  3. Michael,

    I couldn’t agree with this post more if I tried. We MUST stop private ownership of big cats. It is truly outrageous. Cute little cubs become BIG WILD animals, and the owners cannot handle them anymore.

    I feel the same way about the F1, F2, F3, F4 hybrids- People gasp at the beauty of a Savannah cat, but cannot care for them. Same with many of the Bengals. They love their appearance and think they will be able to take care of them but many of them end up in very poor condition, and surrendered. Thanks for a very important post.

  4. Michael i have just returned from a wonderful “TIGER SAFARI” at the “Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve” in my home state of Maharashtra in India.We made a total of 4 safari trips into the jungle and spotted 7 tigers.Yes, 7 wild tigers which is rare . Spotted a tigress “Madhuri” with her 4 cubs which were approx 5 month old.The cubs reminded me of kittens, absolutely mischievous and managed to see them from just 20 to 30 meters.I have personally bottle-fed a tiger cub in a zoo in Bangkok and also posed for a photo with two full grown tigers in Bangkok and feel embarrassed of the same. Tigers are definitely not meant to be kept as pets like cats or dogs. It is a totally wild animal and its genuine residence is the natural wild forests of India.The memory of seeing these wild tigers in the forest will forever be etched in my memory besides the photographs.I have posted a photo of one of the 4 cubs taken with my ordinary digital camera.
    Here is a link to my blog to get a understanding of a typical Indian tiger safari : http://tadobaandharitiger.blogspot.in/

    • Fantastic. I envy you. To see 7 tigers must be unusual. Nice photo. Great to see the real thing. I know some people see none when they go to a tiger reserve. Is the Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve known to be a good reserve at the moment. By that, I mean a good chance of seeing a tiger?

      • Honestly it is just a matter of luck and being at the “RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME”. The month of May is the best time to sight tigers in national parks in India as they usually come to the few water reserves for thirst or just to lie down the entire day like cats.We were lucky to study the behaviour of these wild tigers by sighting them.Last year i had been to “Bandhavgarh Tiger” reserve and we returned without anyone in the group sighting a tiger ! “LUCK” plays a 70% role while the rest is the expertise of the jeep guide and driver as they know the jungle terrain and habits of the few tigers in the vicinity.

        • If sometimes people can go to a tiger reserve and see no tigers at all then I would have thought that seeing 7 is very lucky indeed and perhaps exceptional. I would love to see a tiger in the wild. There are fewer and fewer of them in the wild and one-day it is quite likely that no one will ever see a tiger in the wild ever again.

    • wow ur so lucky how awesome!! To see those big cats up front be amazing. Just love the big cats esp Cheetahs nad Leopards they are so amzing

  5. I wish there were laws to protect wild cats from being ‘owned’ by people keeping them in cages or basements or any other unsuitable place! It’s very cruel, they are meant to live wild and free, it makes me feel very sad for the poor creatures. Also breeding and interbreeding them in captivity is very wrong, it’s time those cats had rights!

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