Time To Renew The Persian Cat

Time To Renew The Persian Cat

by Michael
(London, UK)

1900s Persian - completely different and normal cat appearance.

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1900s Persian - completely different and normal cat appearance.

This is a short post about the Persian cat. I am in a big rush, about to go to the USA.

The Persian is (or was) the most registered cat with the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA).

Yet according to the poll of most popular purebred cats on this site that has been running for 2.5 years and which has collected 3,043 unique votes, the Persian is ranked 6th. Not bad but this fine cat was once top of the pile.

On the basis that the poll is fairly representative, what happened? Has the Persian's popularity waned? I think that it has.

It has waned because it has been bred too extreme. Mainstream cat caretakers prefer more natural looking cats. Firstly they look better to the majority of people (and the other poll on PoC confirms that) and secondly the naturalness translates to better health, two vital attributes.

So it is time to raise the Persian cat up to its former glory as the most popular cat. It is time to renew the Persian cat and breed it back to a less extreme and more healthy appearance.

I do hope that this can be achieved. There is compelling evidence to suggest that this is the best way forward.

Come on Persian cat breeders! Lets see it happen.

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Time To Renew The Persian Cat

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May 16, 2010 Upsetting
by: Ruth

What is very upsetting about Persians,well in fact any pedigree cat, is the way some breeders dispose of them if they are less than perfect.
Kizzy he black Persian who lives next door is almost 16 and still enjoying life, yet because he had an overshot jaw he was to be PTS as a kitten as he was no good for showing or breeding.Larry lives there too,he is a 4 year old cream Persian deemed imperfect by a breeder.
To me the cat breeders who take the lives of imperfect cats are not cat lovers,they are too concerned about prestige and money.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

May 15, 2010 Persians Of The Past
by: Merrily

When I was growing up Persians were my favorite breed of cats.
Many years later when I started looking at purebred cats I was shocked and dissapointed to see the new Persians. They just don't have the sweet face that Persians were known to have.
As I look at the persians in the show halls today with their pushed in faces, and almost non existant nose, I just don't see what the breeders were trying to accomplish.
Hopefully some day we will see more natural looking Persians. They truly were magnificent cats

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