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Time to Stop Pets being Killed at Groomers — 4 Comments

  1. I never heard of such a dryer.I guess because I groom my little dog myself.I would go into that place and hammer up those dryers myself.

  2. horrific!!! Thank goodness my groomer uses hair dryers! Had never heard of these types of devices(drying boxes) before reading this post. My groomer works in my vet’s office. Agree that something needs to be done about this!! That is just awful. . . poor babies died a horrific death. . .

      • My heart goes out to the Agger family. It’s bad enough losing a beloved pet to illness, but when a healthy pet dies because of someone else’s lack of care and attention, that makes the heartache even harder to bear.

        I hope the Agger family sue that pet groomers for every penny they have. It won’t bring back their beloved Charlie, but the publicity may help prevent other pets from suffering the same awful fate.

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