Timmy Time

by Gerri
(Commack, NY, USA)

Timmy - enhanced image.

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Timmy - enhanced image.

Timmy - enhanced image. Timmy

I adopted my Maine coon, Timmy, from a rescue shelter as a kitten of 9 weeks of age. Timmy has big paws (he's polydactyl). He has 7 nails in front & 6 in back. He is orange & white with the most beautiful face and eyes.

His personality is just lovely. He is very happy and playful. Timmy is the only cat I have because the only flaw he has is that he's not about sharing his home turf with any other cats or dogs!

I'm the only one. He'll meow like he's saying "Momma". He knows how to shake his head to say "no" when there is something he doesn't want or to do.

My dear friend, Irene, wants to take him home she loves him so much as do all my friends and family.

I love all cats but I really love this breed. Sometimes I think he acts like a big protective dog and liked to fetch bis ball when he was younger.

He's 11 now and enjoys his life going out on my big deck with its over 6 ft high fence. Because of his size, 18 pounds, doesn't jump over, to get all the chipmunks, rabbit's and birds but they sometimes get into his "lair".

Well, just last fall I had knock a full grown rabbit out of his mouth. Boy was he shocked that mom stopped him again.

Timmy gets all the mice too, loves to play with them, but he doesn't realize his strength when using his big paws, so the mouse is done for!

I hope for many more years of fun with my TIMMY TIME.


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Timmy Time

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Apr 28, 2011 I love Timmy!
by: Leah (England)

Hi Gerri!

I absolutely love Timmy! He looks like he's wearing mittens! What amazing paws he has!

As the mom of a Maine Coon as well I know exactly what you mean when he says 'momma'!

Does he touch you with his paw when he wants your attention and stand on his hind legs to stretch into thin air? And don't you just love the chirrups and different meeows?

Ah the joys of Maine Coons!

Apr 27, 2011 Timmy
by: Ruth

What a handsome boy Timmy is and sounds highly intelligent too. Apparently he wants you all to himself, some cats are just your feline soulmate and it seems Timmy is yours.
It's wonderful to hear of a polydactyl cat that a vet hasn't got hold of and used it as an excuse to amputate all his toe ends.
I hope you have many more happy years together.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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