Tip: would you like to eat by your toilet? Neither does your cat.

This is a basic tip from the great man himself: Dr Bruce Fogle. What makes it impactful is that he says that ‘this is a common problem that I see.’ Which is why I am addressing it again. All the cat’s needs are neatly in one place which suits the owner but not their cat. He sternly says, ‘Don’t do it.’

His advice is to: ‘Keep the litter tray accessible but away from the food and water. Once your cat is routinely using it you can gradually move the tray to its permanent location.’

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Litter tray positioning is important as well. It should be in a relatively private corner and not in a major junction within the cat’s home range. Galaxy prefers litter trays that are uncovered. I have an infographic on litter tray substrates:

Cat litter substrate compared
Cat litter substrate compared

Here is a page on cat water bowls:

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