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Tips and tricks on rescuing cats from trees plus an ‘arborist cat rescuer directory’ — 2 Comments

  1. I got to wondering about the usual reply to those scenarios, “Ever see a dead cat in a tree?”

    Surely, Google-Images, with its billions of selfies and in-peril cat-photos MUST have tomes and tomes of dead-cats in trees to PROVE that millions of cats die that way (by natural selection).

    I put “dead cat in a tree” into Google Image search.

    I got a whopping 185 hits out of the billions of photos available through them. To test photo availability, I did a search just on the letter “A”. I get 7,310,000,000, 7.31 Billion. The word “the” returns a slightly lower hit-count. Cat OR Cats returns 521,000,000 hits.

    Only TWO appear to be actual dead-cats fatally stuck in a tree. And we don’t know if they got there on their own or were already dead and carried there as an owl’s, hawk’s, or eagle’s cache — one that might have died and never returned to eat. Or the cat just found dead on a road and put there for the mythical photo-op. Or maybe the tree was even struck by lightning while the cat was there. (A hawk died that way in a tree here one year, from a lightening-strike.)

    With the millions of cats climbing trees and getting stuck each year, I’d say the statistics of needing to save any cat from any tree is near absolute zero. What’s 2 out of 521,000,000 cat-photos, statistically speaking. And we have no proof it even died from that natural-selection behavior.

    Interestingly, the most photos are from a TNR fan who was arrested for hanging all his dead TNR-cats in a tree. Huge brouhaha over that a few years ago, HSUS & ACA offering enormous ($25K) rewards to find the person killing cats by bludgeoning them to death with the found-nearby baseball-bat and pipe, and hanging them in a tree. They even paid for a huge billboard-ad to find the culprit. Only to find out it was a cat-lover that was scraping his roadkill TNR cats off the pavement after having fed them his whole life, putting his death-by-attrition TNR cats in bags and hanging them in a tree to keep other animals from desecrating his dead TNR cats.

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