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Titers tell you if your cat needs a vaccination — 6 Comments

  1. Vets don’t advertise this because it would cut down on the number of vaccines they sell (and that’s really what they’re doing) because the test will show the cat is still protected) and it would also force vets to use a safer but much more expensive rabies vaccine and to vaccinate less often. Their profit margin from all of the vaccines would go down.

    • That’s what I think. The vets would say that the titer blood test is not accurate enough and too complicated or something like that.

  2. Holy crud! THANK you Michael for passing along this information! I’m totally pissed at the veterinary industrial complex for not being forthcoming about this. It is unconscionable.

    • I will ask my vet tomorrow if they will do a titer blood test on my cat before giving him a booster. I’ll report back in the article! They’ll probably say it is too complicated bla bla and too expensive. So just in case (and to rake in a bit of cash) they vaccinate again at the risk of the cat’s health. That is the truth of it. I can see the difficulties but vets really should find a way to do this test routinely. I’d be certain that very many cats would test positive which means they are receiving unnecessary vaccinations.

      • Not just unnecessary but overdoses of the vaccine. The shot is the same no matter the species or size. This goes on because despite how we see them the law sees your pet as personal property.

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