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TNR of feral cats makes us feel good — 7 Comments

  1. These are clearly just her views! They have no basis and added to this I’m sure that a trapped cat that is a sick as she states would not be neutered anyway, they would be humanely euthanised.

    How dare she make assumptions about the kind, caring people who work so hard to bring the feral population under control; at least they are trying to help. She should try getting of her presumtious ass and do something instead of spouting such rubbish!

  2. Madalon and her associates should be euthanized. They do no good and are obsessed with death. She works with assumptions that fit her necrophile mentality and is blind to facts. Let her talk this way and she will continue to humiliate herself and the organization she works for. She would be outraged by my feral rescue Kiara Otana who won 3 CACs ( Certified Apt for Championship) at a show in Germany. The judge also commented on her sweet temperament.

  3. Complete and utter rubbish is all I have to say on this subject. The feral colony who WV&D Cats Protection started helping last year are healthy and perfectly fine. Yet another person wanting to wipe out cats who they see as a “problem”

  4. Ignorance runs rampant again!
    She and the other IGS must belong to the same club. They spew the same garbage with no factual support. These are some really odd and close-minded people. I’ve come across some and, even when presented with factual data, they stand their ground. Some even say that the information is fabricated by cat lovers.
    There’s really no way to debate with people who dismiss researchers and experts as cat lovers.
    The only “expert” opinions they accept are those few that support their delusional system.

  5. Madalon is a cold hearted person who is talking a load of rubbish. Some neutered feral cats are far healthier and happier than some poor housebound cats deprived of their natural life.
    TNR does work as is proved by our Cats Protection and yes it does make the people helping them feel good because we love all cats and know that by doing TNR we are preventing more kittens to be born to be subject to abuse from cat haters. Feral colonies can live quality lives in the place they are familiar with and cat loving people can help by TNR and by feeding them.
    Madalon obviously thinks it’s far easier to kill them instead and to go on killing new colonies who move into the space left by the ones whose lives were taken by idiots like her!
    She would be better employed educating people that a cat is for life because they caused the feral problem in the first place by kicking out un-neutered cats to breed.

    • She basically has the science all wrong. What is disturbing is that she is the senior manager of a rescue organisation. Not good. This brings my mind back to shelter management again. How many managers have similar ideas? As far as I am concerned, it is vital that rescue center managers have a mentality that is in tune with the idea of “rescue and rehabilitation” not “euthanasia”.

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