TNR step #1 success: Rare photo of two cats trapped together in a single humane trap

I’ll keep this article short because I mainly wanted to show off this photo of two cats trapped together for TNR. Trapping is step #1 in a successful TNR venture.

photo credit Vince Sands
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Vince Sands is pretty good at TNR, as the photo proves. Vince says he’s part of a group caring for a small colony. The cats were trapped using mackerel within 45 minutes. They’re not feral and probably dump-offs.

The trap was immediately covered and only uncovered long enough for a victory photo. Because each cat trapped is a victory because each trapped cat means one left who can reproduce.

There’s a good chance they can be socialized and hopefully find forever homes. There are two more cats left to trap at the colony.

One word of caution. If there are known small kittens in the area one could be injured when the trap snaps shut. There are smaller traps that are better suited or a drop trap would be preferable.

Still, great job Vince! Two more cats will soon be out of the kitten-making business and hopefully off the streets entirely. I love the expression in the photo. It’s like the cats are saying ‘what did we get ourselves into this time.’

If anyone else has trapped more than one cat in a humane trap, please feel free to share a photo in the comment section.


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