27 thoughts on “To cat declawers: please listen to a respected fellow American”

  1. I’ve sent a message to Jackson telling him how much we admire him and about PoC and asking if he ever has time would he come here and comment.
    I will always love him anyway but even more if he came to visit us here 🙂

    • Ruthie(K), Ha! so would I 😀 I knew that you would be right on it, Kattaddorra! I hope it is okay to add his snailmail address for anyone interested?:

      Jackson Galaxy and Spirit Essences
      2461 W. 205th St. B-202
      Ste. B202
      Torrance, California 90501

  2. Hurray, Michael! I’ve got tremendous respect for the man. I ‘m glad you featured him. 🙂
    He is able to reach out to folks from all walks of life, which is part of what makes him so impressive to me.

      • Would it be feasible to start a donation fund to the PawProject for DVDs of the movie, that you or one of us fellow PoCers then receives here in the USA, and forwards to Jackson Galaxy for autographs, to be distributed to veterinarians here? I could come up with a comprehensive list of vets’ addresses in Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa (selected by their practice’s seeming openmindedness to banning the procedure). Just a quick thought to get the ideas rolling…

  3. I love him too.
    He speaks genuinely and simply.
    It’s so frustrating here.
    How can we make people, who condone thousands of animals being killed every day in shelters, to care about mutilation, pain, and suffering?
    I’m screaming as loudly as I can, and I feel like that is all I can do. There aren’t enough voices behind me.

    • Outstanding as always! Love Galaxy ,first because his programs where he goes to help people with their “problem” cats is so very informative ,and the way he addresses the people is not from some “greater then thou” attitude ,but a down to earth…”I understand the problem and I am here to help your cat(s) and YOU!” His programs always show both sides of the problem .. the kitty’s side and behavior ,and what the humans are doing wrong! And here once again he is his wonderful self ,informative , and not condescending ,but attempting to reach through that “fog” that some people still cling to that this awful procedure is just nothing more then doing a deeper job of removing the claw itself! I’m with you all ,I still do not get how anyone in this day and age could NOT understand what or how this procedure is done! Can’t wait until this is banned by every state and country!!!! Ruth , if you have any petitions(haven’t seen any as of lately on FB)send them my way!! Be happy to help promote banning anyway I can!!! Keep up the good fight!

      • Hi Jan, I haven’t come across any more petitions since the Canadian one but yes I’ll certainly share if I ever do.

  4. I like the way he explains things so clearly in ordinary everyday words, he’s a likeable man speaking a lot of sense, WHY won’t they listen?

    • I hope Americans listen to him more than me 😉 If they do I don’t mind being criticised. He is convincing and believable and likeable. You can’t not listen and hopefully someone changes their mind.

    • They won’t listen because, regardless of what they say about loving their cats, they don’t mean the same love that we have. They have a love of convenience, and it is conditional.

        • No one here is basing America. But, facts are facts.

          When I refer to “they”, mostly I am talking about:

          Those who have the power to enact laws
          Those who care so little about their pets that they trade them in to shelters like cars until they find one that is “suitable”.
          Those who believe they are “just animals”.
          Those that stick the deadly needle in or push them into gas chambers.
          Those who turn a blind eye and deaf ear to what is going on in shelters.
          Those who mutilate because they believe their precious furniture is worth more than their pet.
          Those who say they will be at the City Council meeting to discuss animal welfare, and I AM STANDING ALONE when the time comes.
          Those who kill or maim animals for sport.
          Those that declare their love for animals but won’t get off their bums and speak out, put up posters, distribute literature.
          Those that are lazy enough to let someone else take up the “causes”.
          Those that won’t take in a stray, perhaps because “they won’t get along with my pets” – BULLSH*T!!!
          they only need to tolerate each other, and it is the human’s job to make that happen.

          There are more of them than us!

          • Neat comment Dee. I am impressed. It is about people not a nation. The people you describe can be found in any country. For me, there are too many of them. They are an obstacle to improving animal welfare.

    • They do listen. He is very good at what he does, and that is talking sensibly, anecdotally and with compassion, to hundreds of thousands of Americans. He is just getting started, so to speak. For example, I’m a catlover [I worship/adore my cats, all cats] with an all feline vet who still practices declawing. In fact, she has “Declawing” listed on her website under the category “Preventative Health.” I check her site on a monthly basis. Thank the heavens that my cats have not needed her services recently, but when they do, it is going to be very dfficult for me to set up that appt. at this point. Simply, b/c I have fully committed to my efforts on putting an end to this barbarian treatment. I still don’t know what I can do fully with my little concerted effort, but I am committed to doing what I can. It is folks like Ruth here on PoC that made me realize what is going on here in the U.S. It needs to stop.

      They will listen, Barbara. I am sure of it.

      • You can choose to denigrate the U.S. as a whole for having not yet banned declawing cats, but don’t you think that it serves their purpose better if you are positive? rather than negative? I believe steadfastly that Jackson Galaxy will make the difference that is needed to get our point across within 2014.

        • Caroline no one is denigrating you Americans, Michael has said time after time that his web site is not condemning the whole country, only the vets who declaw and the people who still have their cats declawed even when they’ve learned how cruel it is.
          Look at the Americans we have here, stalwart cat lovers, too many to mention, although I admit I have my favourites because they are such lovely kind people who feel ashamed declawing is still happening there. Michael’s PoC has opened a lot of eyes to the reality of declawing, that it’s not a simple manicure, it’s major irreversible surgery.
          The movement has come a long way, with The Paw Project, Jackson Galaxy and others, going right back to Annie Bruce who ruined her health whilst trying to educate people about declawing.
          We admire all the people doing this, known or not known to us and we are proud to fight this battle alongside you caring Americans until the day we get declawing stopped.

          • I did write a comment a long time ago about how I had inshock seen a kiiten at a frien’ds house when I was very, very young. in bandages, trying to tear at them with her teeth, and it affected me for life. I have always -even when I did not say anything because I thought that everyone felt the same way I did- I have always been reviled by it.

            I do believe that Mr. J. Galaxy will make more diff. than any other individual in this education.

        • I think JG will be heard as much as Paws Project.
          I’m just not sure that will be enough.
          Again, no one is USA bashing.
          The UK has its own issues.
          If I lived there, I would be taking up the fox hunt cause like crazy. It sets me on fire.

          • We took it up for years Dee until we finally got it banned, but hunts are still finding ways around it and the law needs strengthening to close all loopholes. BUT we have the Conservative Cameron as PM and he and his cronies want to repeal the whole law and bring hunting back as it was. A gang of free for all whooping, horn blowing, blood thirsty, cold hearted rich monsters pursuing a fox with a pack of dogs, then watching them tear it to pieces. Running riot killing peoples pets, causing road traffic accidents, they have to have their ‘pleasure’ Even taking children along and at the first kill they see, cutting off the fox’s brush to bloody the child’s face. We still have hunt sabateurs who the hunters mock and sometimes attack with their whips and the RSPCA have successfully prosecuted some hunts but were criticised for spending money taking the hunters to Court. Cameron is going to try to repeal the law this year, even though about 80% of the country are against it. Does he care? No he doesn’t, he has his own way over everything just because he can. This government care nothing for ordinary people nor for animals. So we have to battle on to stop them because like you Dee it sets Babz and me and many others on fire. I LOVE your passion, your passion is ENGLISH!

  5. I love Jackson Galaxy!
    He talks down to earth sense and I hope this video convinces all those who think declawing cats is acceptable that it certainly is not, never, ever.

    • Jackson is a very good thing for the cat/human world because he is famous and on Animal Planet – and because he has the right ideas about cat caretaking. If anybody can get the message to alot of people he can.


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