To Euthanize an Animal in Front of Another Animal

Is it right to euthanize an animal in front of another animal? Does the observing animal become upset? Does it make the observing animal more nervous and stressed if the euthanization takes place in an animal shelter?

To Euthanize an Animal in Front of Another Animal
Screenshots from Amanda’s video
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My gut feeling is that it is wrong to euthanize an animal in front of another animal particularly when it takes place at an animal shelter. This is what happened to a dog and you can see the video below. Play it a few times to see it clearly. There is also the simple issue of conducting a euthanasia with dignity and respect for the animal being killed and for other animals at the shelter. What happened shows a lack of respect for animals which is not good for a director of a shelter.

It could equally have happened to a cat although less likely. I always believed that the euthanasia of dogs and and cats took place in private. I wonder how commonplace this is?

Do you think that dogs and cats are affected differently if they observe another animal being killed in a shelter? Gilbert is the dog who was euthanized in front of another dog. The person who took the video, Amanda Kimball, says that he was an energetic dog and that he could have been sent to a rescue. He could have been trained but he was euthanized.

Androscoggin Humane Society

It took place at the Androscoggin Humane Society. The executive director carried out the euthanasia. He or she did it in front of another dog, Moe, who you can see in the cage watching what is going on.

Another unpleasant aspect of this euthanasia is that the executive eirector didn’t have enough euthanasia drug. So during the euthanasia he had to go out, get some more of the drug and come back and inject more into Gilbert to kill him. While he was doing this Amanda filmed Gilbert lying on the floor dying.

Amanda says that she wished she had had the courage to say something at the time. She wanted to suggest that Moe was removed from the area to the outside while Gilbert was being euthanized. Or that the executive director waited until a private room became available before euthanizing Gilbert.

She asks, “Is this humane?” And she also asks whether the executive director is suited to the job. I can understand that because to do this would indicate a callous approach to the lives of these rescue animals and their feelings. Perhaps you get that way surrounded by death and unwanted animals. You become inured to the whole thing. You become desensitized to what is going on.

What do you think? Is to euthanize an animal in front of another animal inhumane on two counts if the euthanized animal is healthy and energetic and both are in a shelter?

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6 thoughts on “To Euthanize an Animal in Front of Another Animal”

  1. The director has no business being in that position. Animals know hunger, pain, love, abandonment, etc. They most certainly know death, but common sense among humans is a rare find.

  2. Inhumane. Why do people think animals don’t have 10 times the sensitivity that we do? Deep inside, they know exactly what is happening… And I feel they can connect to the next step, will that be me?

    1. I agree. I am sure that this is inhumane behavior by this rescue. Other animals will notice this and it will be distressing. It is very insensitive of the executive director.

  3. I’m disgusted. No animal should ever be witness; yet such a beautiful animal shouldn’t deserve to die because humans are idiots.

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