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Toddler and family cat say goodnight to each other naturally

Toddler says goodnight to cat.

Looking at the video you can’t deny that these two, an 18 month old toddler and his friend the family cat get on so well and naturally. The video was captured by the security camera in the family’s home in Pickerington, Ohio.

The tuxedo cat meows at the boy in greeting and the boy makes a similar noise back! Perfect. They are in harmony, on the same wavelength, and it is all beautifully natural and instinctive. Apparently the parents removed the cat from the toddler’s room to avoid him being distracted by the cat.

It is not my place to criticise a mother’s parenting but I’d have been inclined to leave them together. They were so enjoying each other’s company.

You could say that the boy might have got to sleep quicker with his cat companion in the crib with him. Before anyone criticises me for that suggestion it has been found that a child develops a more robust resistance to allergies if she or he has close contact with the family cat. Check for yourself on the internet. There are so many benefits for a child when they have a close relationship with a domestic cat.

And you can forget that old wives tale about cats sucking the breath out of babies. That’s mumbo jumbo. Cats like to sleep with babies.

Anyway, the cute thing about the video is the natural way they are communicating with each other. It is instinctive and the sounds they make are a little similar.

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Michael Broad

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