Toki The Gift From The Other Side

Toki The Gift From The Other Side

Toki is not a pure-breed as far as I know. (Being more of an expert on dogs). She is a lovely tabby cat with green eyes.

The story began around 2005. It was my mother’s birthday and it was late at night. It was cold and there was heavy rain. I sat down reading comics on the computer when my mum came in and said “Get your shoes on!” I was puzzled. I thought we were all of a sudden going out for a meal. I asked why but she just said “Never mind, just put your shoes on!”.

I put my shoes on, and then I asked my brother, who was next to me, where we were going. He replied “we’re going to rescue a kitten!”

I was so excited. Being a lover of all animals. I pictured a white kitten with blue eyes but little did I know it would be something even sweeter…

I called out “kitten!” in attempt to try and call her. It was still raining an hour later.

Mews of surprise came from under a van. My brother had found the lovely tabby kitten. The kitten started meowing and rubbing herself on our legs as if she was saying “take me home!” I made her follow me behind; however, she was scared of the cars. I came up to her and picked her up. She was worried and probably thought I was going to do something horrible to her. After all the struggling, I got her into the house. There, she was purring and mewing. We got her some food and she was very happy.

“Can we keep her?” I asked my mum.

“No.” she replied….

The next day, my sister came round and said “Well I know what to do. If no one claims her in 10 days let’s keep her.”

My parents drove around the area and found no posters. My mum rang the RSPCA and they said that no one had lost a tabby kitten.

10 days had passed, no one claimed. She was ours. I wanted to name her Stripes, originally. But then found it was not unique. I decided to name her Toki. After the capital of Japan. (I’m very intrested in Japanese things)

Toki, to us, was a gift from my mum’s mum from the other side.

~ By Ali aged 13

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Toki The Gift From The Other Side

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Jan 29, 2010
Cats Have Radar
by: Joyce Sammons

They show up to who needs them most. I known your Toki is from the other side. I found my Furby on the way home from my boyfriends funeral. Please send a picture. We’re one big happy family here

Jan 29, 2010
Toki the gift
by: Dorothy

Such a sweet story. I hope we get to see her. Don’t you think she always knew she was yours forever? I do. Cats are so smart that way. Thank you for the story.


Jan 29, 2010
Toki Quite A Find
by: Gail (Boston, MA USA)

What a wonderful story, told by someone so tender in years. Thank you so much for sharing.

If you have a picture of Toki, we would all love to see her.

Thanks so much for rescuing her.

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