Toledo Police Department will adopt rescue cat if they get 20,000 Twitter followers

I have to question the ethics of this decision. Perhaps I shouldn’t and perhaps I’m being too serious but we are told by the website that the Toledo Police Department, in an effort to grow their social media reach, have promised to adopt a cat from the local animal shelter if they get 20,000 Twitter followers. They currently have 18.4k followers. It appears likely that they’ll met their target.

Toledo Police Department will adopt rescue cat if they get 20,000 Twitter followers
Hailey, a rescue cat waiting to be rescued by the police!
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To me, this seems to be buying Twitter followers and the vehicle is a rescue cat. I’m not sure that it indicates that the Police Department are in the right frame of mind to look after a rescue cat if that cat has been rescued for the wrong reasons.

It seems that the Department issued the challenge after the Toledo Assistant Fire Chief Karen Marquardt gave the police chief a challenge to attain 10,000 followers and to adopt a “comfort cat”.

The police say that if they achieve their 20,000 followers on Twitter they will adopt a cat for therapeutic purposes. The rescue center concerned, the Toledo Area Humane Society, say they are excitedly awaiting the results.

Like I said I’m not sure about this but the bottom line is that a cat gets rescued so there is something to be optimistic about.

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5 thoughts on “Toledo Police Department will adopt rescue cat if they get 20,000 Twitter followers”

    1. Albert, if you click the Twitter bird on the embedded Twitter feed (the video) you are taken to the police’s Twitter page. They are clearly on a push for publicity. The friendly, social media savvy (cool) local bobby.

    2. Okay, got it, following, thanks everyone. I don’t use social media much and am twitter dumb. I keep thinking of Trump’s tweeting and I don’t want to go near it. I’m over it.

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