Tom Hardy fosters kitten in Bucharest’s Hilton Hotel

I have dug up this cool story about Tom Hardy rescuing a kitten from the street and fostering him in the Hilton Hotel in Bucharest, Romania. The search for the story began on the PETA website. They were writing about 16 famous dudes who love cats, one of whom is Tom Hardy. The assessment that Tom Hardy loves cats came from a story from September 11, 2005. It’s history now but it is still interesting. It’s a post (a message) written by Tom Hardy and posted on the BuzzFeed website. It is still on the Internet, archived, and I have republished the entire message below at the base of this article. But before you read it I’ll summarise it.

Tom Hardy’s kitten rescue

Tom Hardy was in Bucharest, Romania, making a film. He was staying at the Hilton hotel. He saw a kitten in the street. The kitten came up to him. He wouldn’t go away. He picked up the kitten and at the time he had been shaved to look like a criminal. Women looked at him sympathetically because he was carrying a kitten but looking like a criminal!

Anyway, to cut a long story short he decided that he couldn’t leave the kitten on the street. He therefore smuggled the kitten into his hotel room at the Hilton. He couldn’t tell anybody about it, even the staff at the hotel.

Tom Hardy a foster carer to a stray kitten at Hilton Hotel Bucharest Romania
Tom Hardy a foster carer to a stray kitten at Hilton Hotel Bucharest Romania. Photos: Tom Hardy
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The kitten was covered in fleas. Tom Hardy bathed the kitten and got rid of nearly all of them. He says that CJ, as he decided to call him, looked really fluffy and lovely. And that CJ stopped itching because at one stage he spent four hours on his lap, belly up, snoozing!

He also reports that CJ peed on his bed. He couldn’t tell the hotel staff and couldn’t get rid of it (you know what cat pee is like) so he decided to pour some Coca-Cola onto it and requested clean sheets! Neat solution! CJ also “had a mishap” on the carpet which he cleaned with detergent and a flannel.

He put CJ in the bathroom during the night which worked except that CJ was incredibly noisy the entire time. Tom Hardy eventually told the staff at the hotel who were sympathetic which surprised him and pleased him in equal measure. They even offered to loan him a cat litter tray which he took with pleasure bearing in mind the accidents that had already happened. I wonder if he could preferential treatment as he is a “film star”.

The message, if you read all the way through it, is actually a request for someone to contact him to adopt the kitten who he decided to foster. I’m sure that Tom Hardy didn’t think he was fostering a kitten. It wouldn’t have occurred to him but that is exactly what he did.

He was at the Hilton hotel in Bucharest for 10 days and therefore the request for an adopter was urgent. He said that if they contacted the hotel, reception would put them through to his room. That would have been a chance chance for a person to talk to Tom Hardy in person about adopting a kitten from him. It would have been a real pleasure for somebody.

The sad part of the story is that we do not know how it ended. However, I am certain that the cat was adopted and he probably called him Tom Hardy!

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy ©

Tom Harsy’s message about his foster cat. His writing style is his own and idiosyncratic

Tom Hardy’s Kat Rescue

September 11, 2005

I have a Kat in my hotel room, I wish I could send you the photos I took on my cellphone, I spent 4 hrs manually zapping fleas on the bugger and fed him threw him in the bath and we’re like 95% flea free, now went to the super market but they didn’t have no stuff but raid so I sprayed the room with this pollutant spray killing anything that falls off him gonna get him wormed tomorrow at the pet store. then we got to find him a home. he shines right now. i call him CJ after the guy in GTA San Andreas. he’s on my mobile phone, plenty of photos, but this new one ain’t set up to send or retrieve photomessaging so I will have to update you with photos when I get back to London. On the way back from the internet cafe yesterday, there’s this kitten in the road, and I’m like. hey kat whssup? then I had to double take. that’s a small cat as cats go. it’s prolly like a couple months old max. so I’m like hey little fella, and I look about but no one is looking for this thing. so I stopped and turned round and said hey kat where’s your family, and he’s like I don’t know.then he wanders up to me and bang he’s in my scoop and I’m looking around I ask a few old ladies this your cat, a man this your… nothing, infact the languague barrier lifts with one old lady who speaks no english but I can tell she wishes me well infact every girl in town now notices I have a kitten and even though I have a skinhead and baggy pants on, the uniform of the criminal, I am now such a sweet boy with his kitten. I’m like no, you don’t understand this is not my kitten, this is God’s child I found in the street prolly belongs to some kid who is crying right now, I don’t want kat, even if I did want kat, I can’t have kat, he has no passport I have a dog who will eat Kat, the responsibility, I am a tourist I stay at Hilton this thing is not allowed in the Hilton, so I’m holding this little big prollem. I look at C.J he looks at me licking his fleabag paws. and says “so where we headed?”…..

we had a mishap on the carpet but I took the washing powder and cleaned up, with a flannel! I know but when you’re a man on location you make do with whatever you can.

He also had a little accident on the duvet which p###d me off coz that’s my bed but he’s like a baby but cat piss s lethal so I couldn’t tell reception I had kat in the room and I sure as hell wasn’t going to admit to peeing the bed, or sprinkling, what type of man sprinkles the bed? so I poured some coca cola on the sheets got some fresh ones and committed C.J to the bathroom for the night, where he screamed blue murder. You got to know that this cat lay asleep upside down in my lap for four hours being preened. at first he was pissed but as the itches grew less frequent he knew I was helping him out so. bonk lights out snoring feet in the air. we bedded him down in the bathroom, and C.J got lungs man I’m telling you all night he’s like “WoAh WOAH! PLEASE!”

he is now on my bed watching telly I am at the internet cafe again the funny thing is I confessed to reception, OK this guy stayed the night I deflead him and dewormed him so he’s clean…technically 65% lie there but we’ll de worm and deflea tomorrow when the store with the chemicals opens up. I got to find him a home is there like an RSPCA here or something? the girls at reception fall in love with him. he’s all fluffy coz I put him in a bath, I told them they’re like we can see, really this kat sparkles now. but he doesn’t want to hang out with them he wants to sit on my shoulder and stare and watch MTV in the room. So anyway she says you can keep him in your room no problem. we can get housekeeping to send something special up. A litter tray Hallelulah!!! That is so cool, now that only happens at really cool places, you know. So C.J and his remaining fleas are lounging on the covers taking calls, watching extreme sports and tomorrow he’s coming to work and we’re going to try and get him rehoused. he is such a dude, and he is very funny and likes to talk a lot cuddle and sleep, plus he follows me everywhere talking romanian, I’m like I live in london dude I have no idea what you’re on about, you can’t live with me we’ll find you someone. Blood and Chocolate is shooting here with Hugh Dancy some werewolf movie, and I told one of the actors yo you might inherit C.J if I can’t find him a home. I got 10 days. So does anyone know anyone in Bucharest that wants an actor’s Kat? please call the ##### Hilton in ##### they’ll put you through to my room and we’ll get you one Kat!

XXXX Tommy

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