Tonkinese Cat Breeders

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Tonkinese Breeders

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Well, here is another monumental list of cat breeders. This time it is 167 breeders of the popular Tonkinese cat.Despite its length it is almost certainly not complete.That said it is more complete than any other on the internet as far as I aware. Contact me if you want to be in the list.

It is intended to be a world list, pulling all the bits of lists together from various sites. The sources are below. You can scroll down the list by placing your pointer on the list and using the scroll wheel of your mouse or the side slider bar.

I hope people find it useful. It took long enough to complete! As I have said elsewhere even good lists are often  incomplete because the breeders are members of a specific club, for instance or have paid to be listed. That is fine but not as useful as it might be to the customers.

The photo is by julicath/Cath (pas vraiment présente) – Flickr. See the original here.

I want to thank the Tonkinese Cat Club. As a number of cat clubs do, they provide a welfare and rehoming service. I think this is the place to start in the UK if you are looking to adopt a Tonkinese. You can find their details for this service on this page: Tonkinese Rescue and Welfare (and go the the welfare tab).

The Tonkinese is a nice medium built cat albeit slightly slender in shape, which breeders refer to as ‘foreign’ type. This is not an extreme looking cat, which I like. Although the coats are of the type that we are familiar with there are some very interesting variations, one of which is the Tortoiseshell patterns on the points. This makes for a face that for me is ‘messy’ looking but fascinating. See some great Helmi Flick photographs and lots on this cat here: Tonkinese Cats.

I always say we can tell a bit about the cat breeder from their website, if they have one. One tell tale good indicator is Google search results. How visible is the site? The more visible and more highly ranked by Google the better, as it indicates that the site is bigger, contains more useful information, is visited more and usually has a higher Page Rank (Google’s measure of worth of a site).

As at April 2010 the following 5 sites of individual breeders from the list above performed the best in a Google search using Google co uk from England when searching for ‘tonkinese cat breeders’. Things change, however and each search produces slightly different results:

  1. Tonkaholics – Christine and Joanne
  2. Chataya – Gerry and Sue Smith
  3. Lavinshy Burmese Cattery
  4. Ferngully Cats
  5. Tonkatykes™ Cattery – Jacob (USA)

Tonkinese cat breeders — Sources:

  • TICA
  • CFA
  • Tonkinese Cat Club (UK)
  • KittySites
  • Tonkinese Breed Association
  • Tonkinese Breed Club
  • Breedlist
  • Individual sites
  • Cats of Australia

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