Too Cute To Resist!!!…

Too Cute To Resist!!!…

by Lauren

My mum had a new kitten and he was lonely then seems as we had a new kitten my sister wanted one!!! So in the end my sister was buying a kitten so she searched for a reasonable breed for her and she thought a Maine Coon would be purr-fect:) So me mum and my sister went to Whittlsey to get her one. When we got there, there were three different cats from the same litter. They all looked too cute to resist so we were going to get them all but we just couldn’t coz we didn’t have enough money but we didn’t want to split the brother and 2 sisters up so our nextdoor-neighbour bought the other two:):):)

Admin — I love this story. Maine Coon cats are very attractive and very popular because they have nice characters too. Maybe your next door neighbour will bring the two around for a visit and they’ll be together for a while. I expect that is what you planned anyway. Thanks for the story.

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