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Too Many Cats in New Zealand — 20 Comments

  1. Its hard for me to read as being someone from New Zealand. I hate this man so much. I Don’t know where they get there data from. Its just like there is a rat Problem over here. So they use 1080 Poison. I hope they are sensible about it all. I do agree they need to do something like mandatory Spray/Neuter. Too many unwanted cats and Kittens end up as strays/ferels. Also with people breeding Cats all the time is not an ideal situition.

    • Kylee, is it you who thinks that there is a rat problem in New Zealand or is it a general point of view? I think more work needs to be done on how feral cats and wondering domestic cats may be able to keep down the rat population. More work needs to be done on the benefits of what I call community cats (feral, straight and wondering domestic cats).

      • There is in some of the national Park areas thats why they are spraying 1080. Well its been well advertised on tv over here. Yes I agree with what you say. Its very unsettling I guess for those who have feral and community Cats. Also for those cats that wander. I agree alot more needs to be done.

    • This wild Black Beauty-I have received as many wound marks on her body as no other cat has received. She was the unwanted 10 years ago but now, she does not wander along the streets. She does not have to. She knows me and I know her. This is the way to deal feral cats. 🙁

      • Ahsan, she is beautiful and a shining example of how love and kindness can transform their lives for the better. Thank you for sharing those photos.

        I really hate the mentality some people have in thinking ferals/strays are vermin and somehow a different species than our pet cats. They are not. They are just unfortunate not to have the luxury of a home, and that’s not a justifiable reason to subject them to mass destruction and cruelty in the guise of “pest” control.

        Dr Morgan clearly doesn’t like cats, otherwise he would be in favour of more humane methods (TNR)to reduce feral/stray cat numbers. Awful to think that some vets allegedly support his “solution” to the problem. Then again we know from those American vets who declaw, that animal welfare isn’t always top of every vet’s priorities.

        Michael you hit the nail on the head when you said a problem which was a long time in the making, does not have an overnight solution. I totally agree with you that feral/stray cat management is a long term project. They need to tackle the problem at its source by getting everyone to neuter and spay. Until we stop producing more kittens than there are homes, the problem will never go away. There should be stricter controls on pet ownership too. I’m in favour of microchipping and registering pets. That way abandoned pets could easily be traced back to the culprit who can then be prosecuted.

      • I enjoyed watching the video. Your wild black beauty is totally relaxed and confident with you. It is nice to see that. It is an image of tranquillity amongst what must be quite a harsh life for a true feral cat in Islamabad, Pakistan.

    • There are basically two camps, meaning that there are two attitudes towards feral cats. There are those who want to look after them and neuter them so that they gradually decline in population numbers and there are those who simply want to kill them and the division is almost split 50% to 50% and that attitude and division is fairly prevalent throughout the world. In Australia I sense that there are more people who want to simply eradicate the feral cat than those who want to deal with the cat humanely.

      • Michael you are right but you know what? EUTHANIZING (in decent words) and KILLING (in a cruel language). The aim is same. I hate such protective measures adopted by people/ shelters / concerns etc.

        I often think about the inner motives of such people from any race of life, what they are up to????

        I do not agree with any person who is in any aspect of logic in favor of such words. No…. Its as I am doing some act behind the curtains of legal law.

        Waoooo!!! how can we human being think like that????

        Michael! I am not sentimental person but sensitive towards these hot issues regarding any species of this planet. I mean any species, yes!

        I am really fed-up by the responses of the authorities and their neglected behaviors towards the wild life and the welfare 🙁

        • I agree with you. I know it will be harsh for me to say it but you have to come to the conclusion that in America, looking at it from one aspect, there is a complete failure in the relationship between people and the domestic cat because over 2 million and perhaps as large a number as 4 million unwanted cats in shelters are killed annually. That simple. stark fact undermines everything that people do with respect to the relationship with the domestic cat. It has to stop before people can say they love cats.

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