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Too many out-of-date microchips on cats and dogs — 2 Comments

  1. Remembering to update microchips is probably low on the moving “to do” list, unfortunately. My phone number has stayed the same over my past 4 moves, and I’ve changed my address when I’ve moved. I do get online reminders about keeping that microchip information up to date, which is very helpful. This seems like a simple way to help people update this important data. But it means putting all contact information on the form. Email addresses seem to remain more constant than phone numbers. Facebook is another way that owners might be reached, but I’m not sure how far shelters go in trying to locate previous owners.

    Small details can sometimes mean the difference between life and death for our pets.

    • You make a nice point Sandy that some contact information is normally unchanged when a person moves. Microchips do contain the email address so it is surprising that so many pets are not being reunited with their owners.

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