Too Much Commercial Food is Bad for Cats

Too Much Commercial Food is Bad for Cats

by Lisa
(Kent UK)

Good? Bad? Too Convenient?

Good? Bad? Too Convenient?

I think too much commercial food is bad for cats. I feed mine raw chicken wings with the bone, which he crunches up....even although he is 13 years old. I believe they need a mixture of meat and fish and very little commercial food.

I feed Burns which I believe is one of the best.

My Siamese also likes to drink milk, which seems to do his bowels no harm?


Hi Lisa.... thanks very much for your thoughts. I agree, it is very convenient to buy commercial cat food that is just a bit too commercial at the expense, I feel, of the cat (sometimes).

The trouble I have with just providing chicken or fish from supermarkets is that it is still processed and lacks (or is deficient in) as far as I am aware some the important ingredients of a cat's diet.

I am thinking of taurine as an example. Meat and fish contains taurine but probably not enough for a cat. This is why cat breeders add a supplement to a raw food diet that contains various vitamins etc. One such formula is called Kitty Bloom, which is a complete supplement containing 16 Vitamins, 10 Minerals and taurine.

Kitty Bloom is a US product and I am not sure if you can get it here.

Although commercial cat food can be poor it generally contains the required balance in respect of these vitamins and in the case of taurine, an organic acid. Although the inventor of Kitty Bloom says that the commercial process of preparing cat food damages some vitamins. This is true (Low Ash Cat Food)

I made a post about a raw food diet for a cat.

As to milk I think specially prepared milk is better because ordinary milk contains lactose, which is apparently difficult for a cat to digest.

All that said I personally agree that too much commercial food is bad for cats or not ideal for cats. I modify my cats diet by giving fish in addition to dry (not much) and wet cat food. But I could do more in preparing a raw food diet (and intend to).

I had not heard of Burns but I have now and will try it. One concern is expense. High quality food seems relatively expensive in the UK. I am sure this puts people off.....Michael

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Too Much Commercial Food is Bad for Cats

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Jan 27, 2010 Best cat food
by: mjs (LA CA USA)

There is simply no doubt about it. Cats have a digestive system that is completely different form dogs and yet most cat foods are developed with dog food characteristics.

Cat food should not contain any fillers like grains or vegetables. They need meat/fish the resner the better. Can food should be no less than 10% crude protien. Never feed dry food.

Dec 31, 2009 Interesting
by: lisa

Well Kathy that is interesting about the Burns. The names you use in the US are not available here in the UK. The Burns is probably the best we can get here, but this finding doesnt really surprise me at all. Back to the original statement I made that it's all really a load of expensive old crap...Anyone have any ideas???

Dec 30, 2009 I researched your cat food Burns
by: kathy

I did some research on your Burns cat food and found out that it is only 28 per cent protein which is pretty low for a dry cat food. I also saw that it contains corn under the hidden name of Maize, which Im sure means corn. I think I will stick with my same brands of Blue Buffalo which is made here in the US and Diamond which is pretty hard to find. Diamond just recently built a new plant here and They have pretty strict testing for their food. The dry that I buy is the Diamond Natural for Active cats. It is 40 per cent protein so it is good for all my cats. It also is a chicken and rice formula.

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