Too smart for his own good

by Rick
(Portland, Maine)

My cat, while quiet, affectionate and beautiful, can seem to be too smart. He has realized that he can get me out of my chair or bed by softly touching the blinds until I get up; then he leads me to his dish, waiting for me to feed him.

He has me trained instead of the other way around. But I love him none-the-less.

He will also walk easily on a harness without struggling. In fact, he is easier to walk than most dogs, staying very close to my feet.

He even gets in position so that I can put it around him. Very mellow, happy and content. I found him at the refuge league and am glad that I did.


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Too smart for his own good

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Nov 20, 2011
So enjoyable NEW
by: Leah England


I loved reading about your independent kittie!

Its so true that cats really know their own mind and I hate it when I hear of people forcing them to do things un-cat like.

My own cats have me well trained too!

Nov 16, 2011
Cats rule
by: Ruth

I loved reading about your clever cat.
Doesn’t everyone know yet that cats are planning to take over the entire world’s human population lol
They took over my life 37 years ago when I realised they are of far superior intelligence to humans and since then I have been the willing slave of many.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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Nov 16, 2011
Sheer genius!
by: Grahame

I’m a very independent cuss. But my cats have long since had me trained to cater for their every perceived wish, need, and demand. And I like this state of affairs!

Isn’t it oh-so clever of the cats to make me feel virtuous whilst waiting on them, and to make me feel that it is my own idea. Sheer genius!

I also appreciate that we enjoy such good interspecific communication. Gives me to feel oh-so clever and sensitive. Clever, clever cats!

Nov 15, 2011
Too smart is smart enough indeed!!!
by: cat lady

Yay , Rick, Aren’t cats great, you seem to have found a real smarty cat. I have a few ones that are like that, they just instinctively know stuff. One of mine, loves to push his head up to my hand (he’s a feral guy) and rear up like a horse, but watch out if you try to pick him up, which I’ve done, he does not like that and will hiss and growl. He has taught me his body language , so I know automatically when to set him down. Tonight he got a little jealous of on his buddys, tried to chase him away and I reprimanded him by chasing him and he hissed, growled and gave me a swat, he sort of caught my ring finger with his nail but no damage was done. Heck, he didn’t mean it, he was just protecting his self from me, after all we are looking mighty big to a foot high and long kitty. Keep up the good work , Rick!!!!!

Nov 15, 2011
Thanks for sharing
by: Brandy

Its funny how tricky cats can be when they try to train us!

Nov 15, 2011
by: MIchael

This made me smile a bit. Join the club. My cats have had me trained for years.

I leap around after them like a slave and a nurse.

Thanks for sharing.

2 thoughts on “Too smart for his own good”

  1. All of the cats that I have or have had in the past have had me trained, also. I really found it funny when they trained my friend’s 4 year old to let them out in my yard on demand. The patio door is kind of heavy and hard to open for a 4 year old, but she was just as trained as the rest of us to cater to their whims.

    And yes they are very smart. One cat that I had many years ago sometimes used the toilet to pee in or she would pee DIRECTLY over the bathtub drain. She was never trained to do that, but I observed her doing that more than once. They are all smart and have their own interesting little personalities.

    One thing that I have never been able to do with any cat is to get it to walk on a leash, not even the one that used to happily hide in a paper bag and ride on a big city bus with me sometimes several years ago, unbeknownst to the driver of course. He would just lay down and refuse to move if I put a harness and leash on him. I think it is really neat that your cat likes walking on a leash.

    • Thanks for commenting Kathy. The leash training problem you describe is probably because the harness is triggering the kitten reflex response making him go limp. They can get over that in time it seems. My cat did the same thing but is okay now.


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