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Toothless Cats — 7 Comments

    • Our cat Sealy is toothless. A toothless cat can hunt a mouse as long as it has its claws. Cats like to play with their catch more than they desire to eat it. So yes, adopt the toothless cat.

    • I see that Elisa has answered your question. I’ll guess an answer. Hunting is in the cat’s DNA so not having teeth shouldn’t stop hunting. However, cats kill mice primarily with their teeth. Therefore I’d expect a mouse who has been caught by a toothless cat to survive longer giving the owner more chance to rescue the mouse.

      Also a toothless should find it all but impossible to eat a mouse. Thanks for asking.

      • I doubt the cat would eat the mouse but those gums will be tough enough to strangle a mouse. And with the claws and the way the cat will grasp a mouth would be fatal if the cat holds on long enough.

  1. Two of my babies who are 6 year old litter mates just had numerous teeth removed. They had severe gum disease. I really thought their surgery might break my heart, but surprisingly, and just as their surgeon told us, they came back acting more kitten like and are closer with us than ever–almost like a thank you gift. They showed no signs of trouble even on their regular vet visits until their diagnosis. He told us their condition was hereditary, we had done nothing wrong. They actually came back from surgery and ate like champs, go figure??? I winced, they ate. I must say that I have to thank Michael for holding our hands during the process!!! I’m so glad they are happier.

    • So happy for you. My Cora had to have nearly all of her teeth extracted 3 years ago, and she is doing well. I don’t give her much kibble anymore since it seems to make her gums sore; but, she woofs down wet food well.

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