Top European footballer scared of cats?

A top European footballer claims he was prevented getting into his car because a long haired pointed cat (possibly an Himalayan purebred cat) was sitting next to the front driver’s side wheel for 20 minutes.

The former Chelsea striker Mikael Forssell says he is allergic to cats and therefore had to wait before getting into his car to go to training.

But this is crazy looking at the photo:

Footballer was scared of a cat

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All Mikael needed to do was to walk towards his car and there was a 90% chance that the cat would have moved away. If the cat had remained stationary, he could have clapped his hands or stamped his feet, which would have disturbed the cat sufficiently to make him move away. He could have done this from 20 feet away, certainly far enough for there to be no effect from the allergen on the cat.

If that didn’t work he could have gone the long way around to the passenger door and got into the car from the passenger side and shimmied across the car to the driver’s side, start the engine and open the window to make sure the cat had moved away before driving off slowly to give the cat time to get out of the way.

A minor point but it appears to me that Mr Forssell was scared of cats rather than allergic to them. He scored 50 league goals in his ten year stint in English football including at famous Chelsea.

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11 thoughts on “Top European footballer scared of cats?”

  1. How Stupid really?? A Grown Man is Scared of Cats?? It’s really so sad. Yea maybe he has a phobia or maybe had a scare or something when he was little.

  2. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

    What a wuss! Although it doesn’t surprise me that someone who gets paid an obscene amount of money for merely kicking a bag of wind around couldn’t figure out another way to get in his car lol lol

  3. I have a cousin that is scared to death of cats.He makes no excuses.He cant say why. I feel sorry for him,but I can understand because we all have something we are afraid of.

  4. I think people have fantasies about cats being tiny lions and their aggression is always high with claws and jumping on to the faces of human beings.

    These are all wrong conceptions which I myself with feral cats observed totally WRONG.

    I don’t know why people create such stories and then they just publish online, even I am worry about the reason of these tales. But if they want any real consultancy, so I may say that they must seriously interact with such lovely animals with a bit of reward (food) for cats and see the response.

    Atleast, try to understand the basic psychology to be an animal alike that these cats are always willing to be fed, often hungry, thirsty or seeking for attention.

    They are surely cats but not lions or cruel fellows. ๐Ÿ™

    1. In his own words “semi scary”, sounds like he has a phobia of cats.

      I’m sure even someone with allergies wouldn’t have reacted so strongly.

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