Torbie kitten

by Cara
(Fredericksburg VA)

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This is my kitten precious. She is actually a torbie. She has tabby features on her forehead and striped tabby leges but the rest of her is a dilute tortie. In this picture she looks more tortie than anything.

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Torbie kitten

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Apr 15, 2008Love your Torbie
by: AnonymousThanks for the picture of your lovely dilute Torbie.

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Michael Broad

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  1. Donnna says:

    I took my kitten for her first vet visit today – her face and legs are very distinctly tabbie, but her back is tortoiseshell, and her vet confirmed that she is best described as tortoiseshell tabby – or a torbie as I’ve discovered on line. She’s very pretty, I just wish she didn’t have such sharp claws, as I seem to be her favourite thing to climb!

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