Toronto cat Dwayne on a leash copes with everything

Dwayne the adventure cat and human companion
Dwayne the adventure cat and human companion
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Dwayne is a tabby cat but not any tabby cat. He is special because he has got used to being outside on a leash and being outside where he lives means lots of noise and traffic and all sorts of other things that a cat is not meant to get used to, unless you’re Dwayne, an Instagram star with over 3,000 followers.

Here are three situations which Dwayne takes in his stride:

And on the underground:

On the train is a scream:

Dwayne with his human companion:

This is one of the best examples of a cat on a leash that I’ve seen. The two extreme examples of domestic cats on leads normally concern cats trekking with their owners and in this instance going about their business in a densely populated urban environment as if it is completely normal. This is Toronto.

Dewayne is certainly not your average cat. He stays completely calm throughout and deals with the sort of noises and incidents that would frankly make the average cat very anxious.

Dwayne is called an ‘adventure cat’. In other words he’s been trained to wear a harness and walk normally just like a dog which allows him to accompany his owner where ever he wants to go.

Apparently, Dwayne likes pinball machines which I can understand because he is completely immune to the noise of a metropolitan environment.

For those interested, Dwayne is a three-year-old mackerel tabby rescue cat from the Toronto Humane Society. He was adopted in early 2017.

No doubt he has put a smile on many thousands of people travelling to work and going about their business on public transport in Toronto. The first and last photographs show him with his owner which is nice. It is nice to see the person who managed to achieve what I think is something really great with a domestic cat, training him to behave like a dog on a lead.

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  1. There’s a cat named Gary on Reddit. He lives a very adventurous life, with his guardian, who has a daily blog about Gary.
    He swims, hikes, and hangs out in nature, with a good halter and rope leash. He’s a beautiful cat, and even friendly with the 2 dogs he lives with.

    The photos of Gary are worth checking out.


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