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Tortoiseshell cat branded a liar and barred from coffee shop

Tortoiseshell branded a liar. Picture: David Fucillo Twitter feed.

The title does not really describe what is happening on the ground in New Orleans, USA, outside a coffee shop. A tortoiseshell cat (female therefore), who is part of a group of cats owned by a person, likes to go the door of a coffee shop and wait. Her name is Squeak. She must want to go inside the premises but is barred.

We are told by an employee or the owner of the coffee shop that Squeak is adored (meaning well cared for) but is unhappy with being in a home with other cats. I guess she wants to be a sole cat or at least there are too many cats in the home for her.

“Her name is Squeak and she is absolutely adored. Her owners have multiple cats, but Squeak is not a big fan of other cats. She likes people. In particular, she likes people who pet her.”

Cat branded a liar. Poster on window of coffee shop describing the cat outside the front door. Picture: David Fucillo Twitter feed.

Squeak likes or prefers people and wants to be petted by them. It appears therefore that she goes to the coffee shop for some interaction with people and to be petted. The owner of the premises may have fed and/or interacted with Squeak in the past but decided to stop which is why she still turns up and waits.

The pictures and the Tweeter post tell the story. Sadly we are not told what happened next. The situation for Squeak is unsatisfactory because she wants contact with people and not with cats and is unable to achieve that objective.


It is a sweet story but it would be nice if it had an ending, and a happy one. If all the information is accurate, the cat needs to be re-homed it seems to me in a home where she is the only cat and where the owner has all the time in the world to pet her.

The ‘liar’ tag is meant to refer to the image of Squeak presenting herself at the door looking as if she is asking for love as if she is an abandoned waif. She is not. Although for emotional reasons I would not describe her a liar even if it is in jest.

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Michael Broad

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