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Tortoiseshell cat with blaze and amazing mane needs an agent — 8 Comments

    • Me too. Outstanding. Can you imagine having her walking around your home? I’d feel privileged. She’d have to be an indoor cat because she’d be stolen if she went outside.

      • Every cat has amazing eyes. Each set of irises is unique and fascinating.There is something so magical about feline eyes. I also enjoyed your other article today about the various colors of eyes that cats possess. 💜💜🐾

  1. She is gorgeous.

    I hope she does not acquire an agent, celebrity, is the last thing a cat needs. It always leads to stress and exploitation.

    Long may she live a happy cared for, cat life, just as she should

  2. Look at her. From my experience, tortoiseshell, worries, are usually female. Lol at that chimera line running down her nose. She’s a beauty, through and through. All animals are, though. Thank you, Michael.

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