Torus Watering Bowl Product Review

Torus Water Bowl

I am excited to say that I just got done testing out the Torus Water Bowl and have some really great insight to share with my readers. I have the feeling that the Torus Water Bowl design will fill a large gap in the selection of water fountains in both brick and mortar stores plus online stores. You can buy the bowl on Amazon which will give Cuddle Cat Rescue 5% of all proceeds.

Cat fountains are becoming increasingly popular because the average cat does not drink enough water to keep their kidneys in good shape. It has been widely documented that wild ancestors of the domestic cat obtained most of their moisture from eating prey which is the cardinal reason that canned food diets are touted over dry food diets. The canned food diet more accurately reflects a species appropriate diet.

People currently feeding dry food or not in the position to feed a canned diet would benefit from any kind of water fountain. I usually recommend the Drinkwell 360 because it is stainless steel and is fun to watch but this water fountain is extremely useful too. The appeal of fresh moving water is what attracts a cat to seek out alternative water sources to a standard water bowl. You might find your cat trying to drink from the faucet for this reason.

Torus Water Bowl – 1L and 2L

Torus Non-Skid Bottom

The reason that some of my clients do not integrate a water fountain in their home is because they do not want to use electricity or want water flowing all of the time. Some cats can get quite messy and play with the water more than an average cat would.

One of my clients had a Maine Coon that would enjoy being able to empty an entire water fountain when given the chance. Fortunately those two roadblocks have been plowed through by a newer type of water fountain called the Torus Water Bowl which is made by Heyrex.

The Torus Water Bowl is available in a number of colors and is relatively light weight until the water bowl is filled up with water. The bowl is delivered with comprehensive instructions and easy to assemble pieces.

The product is sent to you with a 6 pack of filters if you purchase the product from Amazon. The bowl can be filled directly from a water jug or hose for accessibility or you can just use your sink. The bowl is available in a one liter and two liter size.

Fresh Water

I personally would use the 2 liter bowl over the smaller size because I have a large amount of cats plus the cooling function tends to work better in the 2 liter bowl. This is especially important for pet owners to have during the hotter months. I do currently use one of these bowls for stray/feral cats.

You can operate this unit by taking off the top cap on the water bowl and pouring in 1 liter or 2 liters of water depending on which unit you have which then fills the chamber walls all of the way up. Fill until the water hits the top of the bowl then you can put the cap back on the bowl and put away your jug of water that you used to fill it up with.

The bowl has a knob that permits you to open the bowl which then allows you to insert water through the top. There is also a crafty locking mechanism in the Torus Water Bowl which stops water from flowing while you are filling up the bowl or moving the bowl from place to place to avoid a disaster.

Benefits Of Torus Water Bowl

The water passes through a cone-shaped carbon filter on the way to the chambers which removes any type of impurity that is in the water after you insert the water. Afterwards, the water will flow from the chamber toward the bowl opening for your cat to drink from.

The filter is changed on a monthly basis at the cost of three to four dollars for each refill for maximum purity. It is cheaper to buy a pack of six filters rather than buying them individually. Three dollars a month is well worth having a healthy water source for your cat.

Water Delivery Process

The activated carbon filters are guaranteed to produce clean water for one month each. Do make sure to rinse the filters prior to use. The filter is basically a plastic cone with walls that are perforated to allow water to flow through it with ease. The carbon filter does attract sediment which is very comparable to a 2 stage home filter which removes ionized chemicals.

The water comes out very slowly and the water only fills up a small portion of the bowl so the animal does not have to dunk their entire head in water to get a drink. The bowl remains fresh for a longer duration of time since the water is kept  inside of the bowl and not outside of the bowl until it is ready to be replenished.

The fact that there is so little water and that it comes out slowly can be a potential con for cats who see water the same way they see food. This is to say that very little water in the bowl may make the cat think there is little or no water available like a empty circle in a food bowl is telling the cat that there is no food.

The Torus Water Bowl will stay fresh and free of contaminants longer than most competing brands which is a big benefit if you only use plastic. I did find that the cooling function is much more effective than top competitors or very comparable to their units. I recommend that the bowl is cleaned with warm soapy water prior to using it. Cleaning the bowl every day would be the best strategy since it is plastic.

Reduced Residue

Water bowls that are filled with tap water will always be the victim of residue and scum which can make the water nasty tasting after a period of time. Even stainless steel can eventually become ripened with bacteria. I clean all my bowls once daily for that fact alone. The Torus Water Bowl’s filtering system prevents scum from growing as fast in or around the bowl but the technology has limits.

The reality of this technology is that you might be able to skip a day of cleaning if you absolutely do not have time to clean the bowl before or after work. You see the limit of this technology after a day or two with multiple cats drinking from the same bowl. You should not expect all of the scum and bacteria to be gone forever.

One Year Warranty

Heyrex offers a one year warranty on every water bowl and will fix them or replace the water bowl if there is any significant problems or product defects. There is essentially no risk with trying this water bowl for your cats and introducing them to a better watering source.

No Power Or Running Water

People who decide that they do not want a water fountain that utilizes electricity or running water will be pleased to find this fountain review because it does not use electricity or water.

The Torus Water Bowl does not utilize running water, electrical currents or batteries to operate. All of these qualities make this the ideal bowl for animal shelters since there will be no risk of electrical fires or of cats emptying the water bowl. It would be fantastic for adoption events.


The Torus Water Bowl is super easy to transport from spot to spot so you can take your water with you if you walk your cat or if you work at an animal shelter need to consistently transport cats. This bowl turns off so that you can transport it without having to worry about spillage.

Torus Locking Mechanism

I have used collapsible water bowls and gallon water jugs in the past but they were always cheap quality bowls and got damaged quite quickly. Collapsible bowls would be best avoided for long term use.

All you have to do for the Torus Water Bowl is to unlock the water bowl then fill it up with water. Run water for about 15 seconds prior to filling up the bowl to remove any carbon dust. The water replenishes as the cat drinks the water from the bowl.

Keep the bowl level while filling the bowl and keep in mind that water will not flow into the drinking well while filling it up. Put the cap back on by aligning the cap arrow with the lock symbol.

Simple Cleaning

There will be significantly less puddles of water around the bowl and around your room because there is less water in the bowl to splash at any given time. Playful kittens and cats that just like to bat at the water or play in water will no longer have you pulling your hair out for a solution to this problem.

Cats that drool and slurp water all around your house will also be stopped in their tracks. The cat will learn to drink instead of plunge their face into the bowl. This bowl should reduce water spillage and puddles of water due to playful antics by about 90 to 95%.

Finally – there is grips at the bottom of the water bowl that keeps it firmly in place and prevents scooting. I like to completely wash out the bowl with soapy water daily to make sure it is clean because it is plastic and likely to be used by multiple cats.

Cats With Poor Balance

The Torus Water Bowl is one of my favorite bowls to use for cats with poor balance or for cats who are clumsy. There is less water to spill or to fall into so there is less risk for your cat and less risk of water ending up all over the carpet.

I recently used the Torus Water Bowl for a cat with cerebellar hypoplasia and it worked beautifully and as I intended it to. I will be recommending this bowl for these types of cases in the future. A water mat that prevents slipping for your cat is also ideal if they have poor balance.


The Torus Water Bowl did exactly as it was designed to and met most of my expectations. This works as a great bowl just to make sure all of the water bowls are not exhausted of water while you are at work if you do not use it as your primary bowl.

  • No risk of splashing
  • Tiny removable filter
  • Holds lots of water
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to clean
  • Great for playful cats
  • Mouth of bowl is wide
  • Reduced scum/bacteria
  • Water auto replenishes
  • Self filling
  • No electricity or batteries
  • No running water
  • One minute to setup and fill
  • Great for stray cats & shelters
  • Very portable and can lock

Torus Water Bowl is a very intelligent solution that is geared toward preventing water spillage while providing a fresh water source for your cats without electricity or running water. This can be a big milestone towards the objective of ensuring your cats are adequately hydrated if you are new to the water fountain concept. I have always been focused on providing fresh water.

The biggest caveat to this bowl is that it is made of plastic and I really wish at this point that they could make a stainless steel version of it because hair tends tends to cling to the material. Plastic bowls can result in an increase in bacteria, slime and residue which can lead to mouth ulcers and illness.

How To Operate Torus Water Bowl

The ergonomic and robust design is sure to complement your house decor because it is stylish. The bowl is made in New Zealand and is completely BPA-free. You have nothing to lose with the warranty if you are new to water fountains.

I think the small amount of water would be good in some situations and bad in others. I just do not like the fact that there is so little water actually would want the water level to be a bit higher than it goes up to currently plus I feel that about 50% of the inner bowl is wasted space. The problem with too little water is that the cat/dog might actually lick the bottom of the bowl which is not exactly ideal.

I personally have not chosen to use this water bowl but have found success in it with clients who have cats with poor balance or cats who play with a traditional water fountain too much which creates a mess for them. Right now I use the bowl for stray/feral cats and for adoption events that I attend as it is easily portable water.

I would recommend this bowl for every good reason above but would personally use this bowl if it was stainless steal or ceramic plus had a slightly higher water flow. Fantastic product if you can overlook those drawbacks. It feels like a prototype that does need just a little more fine tuning to be perfect.

Required Disclaimer

I received this product for my cat rescue at no cost to me in exchange for writing this review. The free product did not persuade my opinion and my views on this product does not necessarily reflect the opinion of other writers on this website. All of the opinions listed are my own after extensively testing this product with over 20 cats from a range of different backgrounds and personalities.

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