Tory Advisor Sir David Scholey Enjoys Canned Lion Hunts

“He is one of many wealthy individuals who are willing to spend in excess of £60,000 for the privilege of shooting a lion in South Africa. These lions are bred to be shot in so called canned hunting operations which have grown significantly in South Africa over the last decade.” (Animal Rights UK on Facebook):

Canned lion hunt
Canned lion hunt. Millionaire Banker, Tory Advisor and member and supporter of Countryside Alliance Sir David Scholey and his trophy lion kill. Disgusting.
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Some selected comments from Facebook:

Leave the animals alone… If you want to shoot a species, humans are the way…release the murderers, rapists and pedophiles, get a film crew and let people go and hunt them (Dipash Chauhan).

Can we fundraise to hunt David Scholey, skin him and use him as a rug please?! I’ll set up the justgiving page! (Keeley Bennett)

I’m South African and proud of it! We love our wildlife and most of us have no time for idiots like this who think they can come to our shores; shoot our animals and line some arsehole’s pockets in the name of “sport”. Real men don’t need to be cruel to justify their manhood! Prick! (Gillian Benson)

My comment: typical Tory, pompous sh*t of a banker who no doubt supports fox hunting in the UK and badger culls etc.. Anything which involves killing animals. He is a dinosaur. One of the old-school pompous, rich, landed gentry who thinks he is above the law and that animals are things to shoot for pleasure.

Canned lion hunting is totally immoral. Lions are bred for the purpose and the ‘hunter’ enters an enclosure to shoot the lion who has nowhere to escape. It is a sick and pathetic way to get kicks.

My thanks to Sandy Murphey for sourcing this.

6 thoughts on “Tory Advisor Sir David Scholey Enjoys Canned Lion Hunts”

  1. Thank you for all the great informative articles! More exposure the better. Not much to say but what a jerk. One more human to greatly admire….

    • Yes he is a jerk but he doesn’t know it. In fact he thinks he is the opposite: admired etc.. He is delusional.

  2. In my mind, canned hunts are even more stupid than the game of golf. Meaningless and mindless.
    I can’t condone hunting at all; but, I surely can’t understand how this could be a challenge of any kind.
    As is said, “Like shooting fish in a barrel.”

    • I agree Dee. Even though I hate hunting at least when it is done properly there is some challenge in it. Canned hunting is just a fake. It is getting pleasure from killing and pretending you are something you are not. It is all fakery.


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