by Chris Damschroder
(Elmore, Ohio)

About 10 years ago I moved to a farm in Illinois and got 2 barn cats to help keep the mice in check in and around the barn. About 1 week after getting the kittens a stray cat showed up wanting to help the kittens eat their cat food. The stray was in exceedingly ragy condition and was aggressive toward the kittens. We wound up taking the stray about 15 miles away and placing it near another farm.

A week later the stray was back. At that time we decided that perhaps 2 food bowls would make everyone happy and decided to allow the stray to stay with us.

As she continued to receive the proper nutrition, a beautiful cat was uncovered. At some point we discovered that she had been de-clawed and offered for her to come in the house. She liked to come in and eat, drink, and nap, but then preferred to be outside.

We did some research and came to the conclusion that she was a NFC based on pictures, descriptions, and personality traits. She was the best cat I had ever met, sometimes more like a dog than a cat. When she came in she loved to rub her nose on our faces so we named her Huggie.

Recently she became ill and apparently was not going to recover. I made the most difficult decision to help her on her journey to the promised land. I held her in my arms entering the vet’s office, I could not speak, he looked at me then the cat and back to me, turned and motioned for me to follow him. She was laid to rest without even a word being spoken. Tears of grief poured down my cheeks as I mourned her death.

I think I shall never be complete again until the day I get my next NFC. I just want a pet, no registration necessary, don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for a show quality animal, but want a NFC. Any help appreciated. All of this due to a single stray cat, unreal…….


Touched by a Stray to Norwegian Forest Cat

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Touched by a Stray

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Jan 20, 2011
by: Phil Hi…
My daughter brought this cat home from college and he quickly became my favorite. Very responsive and friendly, but a little sloppy but that’s his style. When he wants to be petted he literally falls over with a big thud and lays on his back with all 4s spread open. He follows me all around and I love him so much I wanted to check out the internet and found your story.

God Bless you for taking this animal in and I know exactly how you feel about losing him, and I mean exactly. We have always been a multiple cat/dog family and I’ve had a few die in my arms as I cried.


Sep 25, 2009
Shortsighted human
by: Anonymous A lot of people are very shorthighted metaphorically speaking in their appreciation of the intelligence and abilities of other animals including the cat. It is born out of the humans arrogance and ignorance. If we were to get into the mind of a cat I think a lot of people would be surprised and it would stop a lot of the abuse.

Sep 25, 2009
touched also
by: kathy I too started to cry when i read your story. The courage our pets face when they come to the end of their journey is incredible. My cat is getting old. I just keep wanting to spend as much time with him as i can. The love he shows me every day is amazing. He drew a tarot card the other day and it told us that he was surrounded by those who he loves and those who love him. I didnt think it was possible but he was rubbing on the cards and one fell out of the deck. When i picked it up i said well lets see what your card says. It was the truth. He is so happy to see me when i come home from work. Im sorry about your pet and my prayers are with you.

Sep 24, 2009
by: Ruth aka Kattaddorra This story has touched me deeply ! Poor Huggie mutilated by declawing and then turned out as so many declawed cats are ! I’m so glad she had a happy life after coming to you.It was obviously meant to be as she returned 15 miles.
I cried as I read about your parting. Another cat will come along to you when the time is right.
PLEASE help us get declawing banned, so many cats are suffering right now.

Sep 24, 2009
Touched too
by: Anonymous Your story touched me too. It brought together some of my experiences with stray cats. It also brought back memories I have of my first cat, a NFC mix who was a complete darling. She had silky fur and a fluffy tail. She was not large but had an enormous capacity to jump very high (7 feet straight up) and to climb 30 feet up trees and come down head first – not many cats do that even wild cats. She was fearless. She had a small voice. She had me and I loved her unconditionally. I still do. She died in an accident 15 years ago. This is her:

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Hi, I'm a 71-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I have a girlfriend, Michelle. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare.

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