Towser, holds the record for the champion mouser of all time

It’s nice to recognise the useful hunting skills of the domestic cat and Towser (1963-1987) holds the record for the champion mouser of all time. She was a tortoiseshell cat owned by Glenturret Distillery, near Crieff, Tayside, Scotland. She is reported to have killed an average of three mice a day, every day of her adult life, giving an estimated lifetime total of 28,899. I think we need to stress the word “reported” as the total figure is obviously a pretty wild guesstimate but it seems very clear that she was an incredibly active and purposeful mouser and a useful working cat. She is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. There is a bronze statue of her and underneath is a plaque which reads: Towser the famous cat who lived in the still house Glenturret Distillery for almost 24 years. She caught 28,899 mice in her lifetime. World mousing champion Guinness Book of Records. The bronze statue appears to be outside the distillery in the town of Crieff.

Here are two photos of her, the original queen of mousers and the statue:


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