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Toxic: Euthanasia drug pentobarbital in pet food — 6 Comments

  1. very interesting article! I will keep this in mind for sure. I feed my *kids* a mixture of Iams, Science Diet and Purina Pro Plan. Thanks for this info Michael. . . ♥♥♥

      • I have yet to contact a company whose customer rep has refused to talk to me. There is only one reason phenobarbital could be in our pets food no matter how small the amount.

  2. There can be “some” pentobarbital in cat and dog food from time to time but it is usually so insignificant that it will not quantify for much. There was a discussion in one of our classes recently about this… they actually have changed a lot of euthanization laws in regards to some farm species as there used to be trace residues in human food but it came back so insignificant that it would never cause any harm either.

    The amount of pentobarbital to euthanize a pug is probably around 2 cc or 2 ml (60 drops) of this drug which is concerning if there is that much in any food because of its nature of being so controlled, addictive, and lethal.

    Would definitely be interesting to see what results of this and what information will pop up going forward for this food. Hopefully just a one time case if it is true.

    • The question really is why any lethal drug would be incorporated into any pet food. And, no, I don’t find that lacing pet food with pentobarbital to be a humane means of euthanising.

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