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  2. Acetone (or any such petro based glue many use to bind PVC – not sure if this was done here) are very toxic to cats health (as well most synthetic chemicals found in most all household and persona care products in America these days. (and all those products like soaps, cleaners, plug in’s on and on )


    I can not take the time to show the research (science background and long gone to MCS groups), but having recovered from chemical injury end stage (almost died) and using all holistic means to recover (but can not be around synthetic products ever again) I started to research cat info. (had studied pre vet at one point).

    Cats are not like humans at all. They come from the African desert and are more like camels their colons unique to extract water and reason why dry catfood is injurious. As well like ferns and other prehistoric plants (no flowers) they are harmed by even natural oils (all of which contain toxins the plants use to combat bugs, molds, viruses) and have to be used carefully. (natural flea but then keeping pet inside is best these days or a cat run)

    They are greatly harmed by “scented” kitty litter (most made from petroleum left over sludge and that includes your products as well) household cleaning products (on the floor – dogs are harmed as well), soaps, cleaners and the list is long. Our government does not require these to be labeled as the Pharmaceutical companies make many of these toxic products. Think Bayer Aspirin Bayer Pesticides.

      • Michael – my last post came before your reply. I, like many with chemical injury am kind a at the end of “my rope” (many homeless, living in tents, cars or dead – 29 – 39 million. Labor board keeps track as many are from construction and other fields that involve toxic products).

        I gave wall to wall floor to ceiling raw data research to a MCS organization (thinking they would spread the info around) but oops.

        So know but thanks for asking, I have no time to do so, am not in an area where I can do real research.

        But I wanted to reply so the “seeds” of information might garner others to do research on their own. Most all media btw is owned “by a few at the top” Rupert Murdoch and they along with our Government agencies set the standards (even if they cause much harm) in America today. Few states have a “medical freedom act”.

    • Oh my….this made me smile and laugh and feel good. Hey, on a serious note do cats like ice cream? This looks like ice cream but I have just realised it is a coffee with cream on the top. They do like ice cream, I guess, because it contains dairy products. So, ice cream is not good for cats because dairy products are made from cow’s milk….Am I am being too serious? This is a fun picture. Thanks Caroline.

      • oo-kayyy, Michael. 🙂 Thanks for the friendly reminder-that’s what I get for staying up all night making saltwater taffy, fruit jellies and caramels and Turkish Delight-I need a nap! lol. So, here is my favorite holiday card for everyone at PoC, featuring! not one, but TWO ginger tabbies. 😀 Happy, Happy Holidays to You all here at Pictures of Cats!

  3. Michael, I am going to work on an update to this list for PoC. Since I can’t upload pictures yet (hoping to buy myself a sync cord for Xmas:)), I thought maybe i could contribute this way. Should be ready tonight so hopefully you’ll rcv it via email early tmrw.

    Humans are allergic to raw garlic in large quantities, so it is no wonder that cats are as well. I wonder if the entire Allium genus is toxic to cats. I ask b/c I’ve neively used garlic to ward off little vampires on my cats in the past. Now I use Advantage II. Garlic does not work. should they both be avoided?

    I do know that 2,4-d is toxic to just about everything in our world. I’m a horticulture person and have grown my beloved antique and David Austin roses for decades. When I was married, my husband and I grew vinifera and French-American hybrid grapes. Hybrid teas and old shrub roses were planted solidly around the perimeter of the grape acreage to warn us of 2,4-d drift. (The leaves shrivel from cellular deformation–it’s a horrible sight, I hated it.) Cercis canadensis, the lovely redbud tree, a common sight in Nebraska, is very sensitive too to drift. I do not understand why it is allowed in the U.S. Seems like it is long overdue to be tightly restricted or maybe banned altogether.

    There is an adorable image of a fluffy kitten, paws wrapped around a mug of warm cocoa, caught off-guard with whipped cream on its whiskers and chin. I wish it carried the warning that kittens/cats should not be allowed near a latte or hot chocolate!

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